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How To Keep A Conversation Going With A Girl

.How to keep conversation going with a girlStarting a conversation and maintaining an engaging conversation are two different things. The starting part is really nothing more than getting a woman’s attention. Once most men realize this, starting conversations becomes easy. The hard part is keeping her attention.

In this post were going to be taking a look at 10 key factors that will help you maintain an engaging conversation with any woman you choose.

Talk With Energy:

Most men are so nervous that they mumble, talk in a low tone or too high pitch, and seem sad to be talking to her. Your aim should be to bring some energy to her life. The idea is to bring her up. Don’t be one of those guys who bring her down.

Don’t Dominate The Conversation:

Have you ever been in one of those conversations where the other person never seems to shut up? It makes it hard for you to voice your own thoughts. Doesn’t it? It almost makes you seem like you can’t get away from them because they never shut up! Watch her carefully to see if she has anything to say. Watch her carefully to see if she is bored or wants to get away. This helps keep the conversation open.

Ask Questions:

Open-ended questions work best. But you don’t always have to use open-ended questions. Sometimes just saying “really?” “what was that like?” will get her to give up more information.

Talk About What She Likes:

Everybody’s favourite topic is themselves. If you only talk about what interest you, then the conversation will only be about you. Talk about her first. When she is ready she will ask you plenty of questions about yourself with lots of interest on her part.

Get Her To Teach You:

When the conversation is on something you know nothing about don’t fake that you do know something. What you do is get her to teach you more about that topic. Ask questions, tell her to explain things, get her to demonstrate, and so forth.

Be Interesting:

This has as much to do with not being boring as it does as being interesting. The more you talk about her the more interesting you will be. The more you relate to her, the more you talk to her about her fantasizes, and the more you mix it up with some humor the better.

Use Your Body Language:

If you enjoy talking to her you can use your body language to encourage her to keep talking. Allot of guys now of days like to lean away from a woman. But..if you really enjoy talking to her leaning in a little bit after she has started talking will show her you like what you hear.

Adjust To The Environment:

Normal conversation is rarely good enough if you are at a party or club. You need some energy, humor, fun, and even be comfortable with your sexuality. If a girl is wearing something that reveals her boobs you might say..”If I didn’t know any better I would think that shirt was designed to get me to look at your boobs.” That sounds almost too forward, but when done correctly you will get a surprising response from her. This sort of thing can help initiate the flirting.

Enjoy Her, But Don’t Workshop Her:

One of the things you have to be careful with is trying to become too agreeable. This is when you start changing your opinions and values so that you can be more like her. Don’t be afraid to disagree. You just have to do it in the right way.

Challenge Her:

This shows a woman that you have some guts. If she is wearing big glasses that make her stand out you could say “I hate it when people wear certain things just to stand out.” See how she responds to that. There is nothing wrong with ruffling a few feathers and getting under skin. You can be certain that she will do it to you.
If you can integrate some of what is taught here you should be able to have more success with your conversations

How To Flirt With Women – 3 Good Flirting Tips

How to flirt with women

Men are naturally expected to know how to flirt with a woman who catches their eye. However, this is not always the case. Once they meet a lady who grabs their attention during the day they get cold feet and are unable to flirt with them in any way. Well, if this is you, do not feel intimidated. It is possible to learn how to flirt with women in a short period of time with some good flirting tips.

How can you do this? I am here to assist you. I will give you 3 good flirting tips that will make you a flirting guru and allow you to attract women with ease. These flirting tips will make it much easier for to approach women in public with confidence.

Stop caring about other people’s opinion if you want to know how to flirt with a woman.

Most guys find it hard to approach women during the day since they are afraid of other people’s opinion. The truth is, nobody really cares what you are doing and no one will judge you for making a move on a woman you find attractive. You should overcome your fear of approaching women and make a move on that woman you are eying.

There have been multiple surveys and research carried out through the years in relation to flirting with women. The results show that most people who see a guy about to flirt or approaching a woman secretly wish them to succeed.
Everyone is usually so absorbed in their day to day activities that they do not notice the fact that you are trying to flirt with a woman you like. The few people that do notice you trying to attract a woman by flirting do not even pay attention and do not care about your affairs at all.

Don’t worry too much about how to start a conversation with a woman

Do not waste your precious time trying to figure out how to start a conversation with a woman. Starting conversations with women should not be something to stress over. Here is a tip that always works 99% of the time. Start the conversation by commenting about the situation you are currently in; whether you are in a coffee shop, a bank queue, a grocery store, a mall or any other place. Simply make a comment about your surroundings to start the conversation. Starting conversations with women is as simple as that.

Let us take a look at this scenario for instance. You are getting your morning Starbucks and a tall beautiful girl is standing next you on the line. You can simply start the conversation by asking her what her favorite variety or roast is. This is the easiest way to flirt with women.

If the woman does not respond immediately, don’t take it personally, it is not your fault. Women have a lot of issues to deal with just like men do and they have a specialty of drowning in their own thoughts. To draw her out, you might need to be a little bit more patient. If you want to learn how to flirt with women and how to attract women you have to learn the virtue of patience and persistence as well. Here is a video by a well known pick up artist, Johnny Berba, with a few lessons on how to flirt with women.

Be daring if you want to master how to flirt with women

You can master how to flirt with women if you actually overcome your fear and make a move. The key here is to move past your fear and have the courage to actually talk to a woman. Most guys give in to their fears and never actually learn how to get a woman simply because they never actually master how to talk to a woman due to their inability to take risks by starting conversations with women they desire. This is the wrong attitude. Letting your emotions get in the way will only make you fail.

Learning how to flirt with a woman is like learning anything else. For example, in the field of weight training, the guy that gets the big well-toned muscles is the one who puts in lots of hours of hard work and effort. He does not let laziness or negativity stop him from achieving his goals.

The same principle applies when it comes to learning how to get a woman. You can only get results if you actually DO SOMETHING about it. While most men literally talk themselves out of making a move on a woman, be courageous, after all, you have nothing to lose.

I know this has come as a relief to most of you guys out there. The playing field is in reality much smaller than you picture in your mind. To be more precise, less than one out of ten guys actually take the step of giving in to their desires and discovering how to flirt with women. This means that if you do it, you will be part of the 10% lucky guys out there who have managed to beat the rest in the flirting arena.

Once you start flirting with women, make it something that you do regularly. You will find that your problem shifts from how to flirt with women, to how to find free time in your busy schedule to date women.

How To Talk To A Girl For The First Time

Talking to a girl for the first timeTalking to someone you’ve never spoken to before can be a daunting task for anyone. The problem is even more magnified when it is a girl you like and you have never really said a word to her before or worse still you’ve never really met this girl before. That said talking to a girl for the first can be a breeze if you follow a few simple steps. In this post, we are going to breakdown how to talk to a girl for the first time into two separate bought related parts. The first task of talking to a girl for the first time is preparation as outlined in this article:

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How to talk to a girlThe second element when looking at how to talk to a girl for the first time is the actual words that you say to a girl you just met and how you say those words. I have read in a few places that it is not what you say but how you say it. In my opinion both are equally important. To illustrate, here is a good example of how to talk to a girl for the first time:

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Knowing how to talk to a girl for the first time that you meet or approach her is extremely important because it is this initial interaction that plays the biggest role in determining how well things turn out between the two of you.

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How to talk to a shy girl for the first time.

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl You LikeWe all know how hard it is to strike up a conversation with a stranger for the first time. It is even harder with a shy girl unless you know how to talk to a shy girl for the first time. This is because shy girls can look uninterested and aloof when they are talking to a guy that they have never met before. This can make them seem uninteresting and uninterested and unless you know what to do, you are likely to walk away too early simply because you thought that the girl you are talking to isn’t into you. This one article is a good read for anyone who wants learn how to talk to a shy girl for the first time:

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What Do You Talk About With A Girl You Just Met?

How to text girlsAfter you’ve approached a girl that you like and you’ve managed to start a conversation using one of the techniques outline in the previous segments of this posts, your job is not done. You need to do some small talk in order to relax the girl and make her feel that you are the kind of guy she needs to know otherwise you are not going to be able to take things to the next level. Here is what to talk to a girl about when you’ve only just met the girl:

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You see, young grasshopper – if you have trouble starting and keeping a conversation with girls and can therefore never make a girl like you, and you will be destined to live the life of a single hermit forever. We ain’t gonna let that happen!

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How To Start A Conversation With A Girl You Like

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl You Like

The ability to have a stimulating conversation with a girl you just met is one of the essential skills that a guy need to learn if he is to get better at approaching women and seducing them. The problem that most guys have is that they don’t know how to start a conversation with a girl they don’t already know. Some guys might be able to summon the courage to approach a girl and talk to her but they find it difficult to make the conversation interesting enough for a girl to hang around. This means that after a few minutes of social talk the girl will politely excuse herself and disappear out of boredom.

You might be a really social kind of guy who finds conversation easy to comeby, in which case you are one of the privileged few. If you are not one of the lucky few that know exactly how to start a conversation with a girl you like check out this article where everything is broken down into tiny little steps that anyone can follow in other to master how to start a conversation with a girl in any situation: 

How to Start a Conversation With a New Girl You Like

There are many wrong ways to start a conversation with a new girl you like and only a few right ways. A lot of guys attempt to use one liners and they often don’t get any bites. Other times guys attempt cat-calling by trying the …

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There are a few important things that can be learned from that article. The first is that even though it can be daunting to know how to start a conversation with a girl you like but don’t know, the process can be broken down into a simple system that anyone can use to become a master at chatting up women.

The second is that women will actually give you respect if you gather the courage to approach them and start a conversation, provided it is done correctly. This applies even in situations when a woman has turned you down after asking her out. Remember you get rejected by women for all sorts of reasons most of which has nothing to do with you. For example she may be in a relationship already, she may be recently dumped by a play boy and now all men are evil or she may simply not be into guys. 


What Are The Best Ways To Ask Women Out

From time immemorial men have always debated over what exactly is the best way to get women to say yes to a date. The major advice tends to centre along the lines of talk to women like real people the first time that you see a woman that you like then walk away and only ask for their number the second time that you meet them. A different school of thought believe that the best way is to have confidence and go the cocky funny route, don’t act like you want them but be nice about it. Anyway here is a typical one of those debates. We will be presenting specific articles to discuss both angles in the very near future.

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