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What To Talk To Girls About – 5 Best Conversation Topics

Hi it’s Stephan here now. A lot of us are struggling with conversations with women and specifically with drawing up in conversations with women getting awkward silences, not knowing what to say next. So in this video, I want to talk about five solutions to this problem. Five topics that you can talk about whenever you feel like there’s going to be an awkward pause or you feel like basically, the conversation has run its course.

Okay, so topic number one that you can always talk about is what you’re seeing or hearing around you right now. In other words, what’s happening right now and that could be your surroundings or that could be happening. What she’s just doing or something that you can comment on that you’re just thinking about right now or something that you see, hear, feel, smell whatever. Something that is basically getting to your brain through your senses. That’s always an easy topic to comment on. So for example, oh look at this guy. He looks interesting or where’s the waitress she’s been around, you know running around a lot, but she’s not come back to our table yet. What’s going on huh? or you know, when you look at me like that, I think you’re having bad thoughts, that kind of thing – okay, so what’s happening right now.

Second topic that you can talk about whenever you run out of things to say would be something that you experienced recently.

You know recently I went to the shop and this thing happened to me. There must have been something in your life in the last weeks or months that was interesting, that was making you think about something in a different way, something that moved you that made you laugh or whatever. Tell that story when you run out of things to say, because you know what, when you tell stories about your own life, it gives a girl a chance to listen to you Give the girls a chance to bond with you, so it would be nice if that story was at a nice outcome and had a funny point to it or something that was thought-provoking, and that told her something about you.


The third grade topic to fall back on when you run other things to say, is her. That’s right, women certainly do find themselves interesting, as we all do. So, when you ask her a question about her, maybe something personal or something that you find interesting about her she’ll be willing to talk about it.


In most cases, if you phrase it in a playful way, even better, for example, simple question: what are you thinking right now? You might be surprised what she will say, but you will get her to be challenged to reveal a little bit about what’s going on. That’s always a good thing, a little challenge in there and a little interest in her.


The fourth great topic to talk about is something that you are going to do. Tell her about something that you’re going to be interested in doing. For example, have you ever been to bounce Shibuya? It’s this cool place.

We can play table tennis and you can eat and have a drink at the same time. It’s really nice. I’m going there with some friends next weekend.


That would be a way of talking about something that you’re going to do and that’s another great topic to fall back on. So have a few things in your mind when you’re talking to a girl about the kind of things that you might do in the future.


The fifth and final trick is the following. I call this become the ironic observer and that’s when you take a step back and you observe the two of you from a different position. For example, look at us. We almost had an Oprah pause there, didn’t we.


You’re, basically taking a step back and you’re making it look like you’re having fun with the process. You’re messing with the convention of the whole thing, and it feels like you’re in charge of the whole thing, even though you might have had an awkward moment.


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6 Topics Of Conversation With A Girl You Just Met

topics of conversation with a girl

If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her fall in love with you anytime. You really want her to open up and just go at it, bring up a relationship story yo. I know for a fact that most of you have been in a situation with a girl that your mind starts racing like oh, oh, what do I say next, oh crap, the conversation’s ending. What do I do and now you’re acting all freaking awkward, because you’re fighting with yourself inside your head, trying to figure out topics Of Conversation With A Girl you just met? I never want that to happen to any of my brothers, so today, boys, I’m going to give you the six best conversation topics that you can start with any girl to make sure you’re never in that situation. Let’s hop into it:


1. Culture


No girl is going to open up her heart and soul to you and go into a deep conversation about her aspirations, her dreams, her goals, that’s not going to happen. You need to build a connection first. It’s a good way to start a conversation, that’s somewhat deep, but not that deep.


Just what is culture? Music is a great example. Everybody loves music, so a conversation about the type of music that she likes is a great way to start. You just have to be smart as to how you ask. See instead of asking who’s your favorite artist. Why don’t you ask her? Give me two songs that I should listen to next or something like that and then ask her what they mean to her. Another example is books. Say you’re at the library at college or you’re at a regular bookstore, a coffee shop and you see her reading. You already know she likes books, so a good conversation topic is books and again, instead of asking her who’s her favorite author or what are her favorite books. Ask her the same question like once you start the conversation what are two books that she recommends for you to start reading? This type of question really dives deep into what her likes and dislikes are and actually expands the conversation versus getting just a one-word response.


2. Relationships


This one’s a personal story honestly and I found that it always works. See, women just love to gossip. So anytime, you really want her to open up and just go at it, bring up a relationship story. It could literally be a real one that happened to you or maybe something that happened to your friend that you’re going to use as if it happened to you. doesn’t really matter women just love to like fix things and give their opinions about things, especially when it comes to relationships because, like they all think they’re Dr Phil, and this is a great way to understand how she thinks relationship works, and you give your own opinion as well, and that’s when the deep connections really start to happen.


3. Cut short the interaction


This is not so much a topic, but a tactic that I always do and it’s ending on a high note see I’m going to be honest with you, I’m not a conversationalist, so I had to learn all of this stuff the hard way. I can’t keep a conversation going for two hours out of nowhere, so I understood my weaknesses and I’ve worked on my strengths.


What you need to do is understand your weaknesses as well. You don’t want to waste other people’s time and instead of dragging on a conversation to the point of boredom, you should always end on a high note. Let’s say you’re five to ten minutes in a conversation, she’s laughing you’re laughing. You guys are having a great time. I know it’s going to suck, but I need you to build up some willpower from the inside and literally cut it off at its highest point. You can literally just tell her: “Oh, I have to run. I have this appointment or I had this thing to do whatever. Here’s where you smoothly tell her you know, but I’d love to get a cup of coffee or catch up later. Let me have your number. Let me get your snap. I guarantee you this works ninety nine point eight percent of the time and that point two percent is probably because your delivery was whack.


4. Make her laugh.


I actually read this quote once that said something along the lines of “If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her fall in love with you”.


It’s a little strong but honestly, there’s a lot of truth in that quote. See humor is one of the best most attractive traits a man can develop, but there is a fine line between making a complete fool of yourself and being lighthearted. You want to tread that carefully and when you are light-hearted, you make fun of situations that you’re both experiencing. Let’s say: you’ve been waiting in line for a long time, you’re at a lame party or the restaurant food maybe tastes like crap or the gym is packed and both of you can’t hit any machines, make light of any situation you’re both experiencing – and this is a Great way to get her to giggle or to laugh and really get her to open up to you to start a conversation which takes us on to number five.


5. Pick your moments carefully


You got to pick the right time again, not a conversation topic.


But if you don’t do this right, it doesn’t matter what topic you’re, deploying it’s never going to work see. You always have to pick the right time to increase your chances of success and not getting rejected. So if you see her on the phone, blasting music, going hard in the gym or she’s power walking as if she has somewhere to be. Chances are she’s not going to stop and give you a 20-minute conversation. Even if you are the funniest guy in the world, situational awareness is key to being able to read a woman’s body language and understand when it’s the perfect time to approach.


6. Talk about hobby.


You got to understand that a person’s hobbies are like a summary of the person themselves, what they like and what they dislike. Most people that practice hobbies do it for fun. So any time you start a topic on hobbies, it’s always going to be a fun topic because you’re talking about what you already like to do or what she already likes to do. Now, the home run comes here when you both start talking about hobbies, and you realize that maybe some of the stuff that she likes to do you also like to do? I guarantee you if you ever hit a match like that you’re going to be talking for hours, because you’re both going to be relating to so many things, creating that deeper connection and that’s when you have a killer conversation with a girl that I promise you could take her on a date after that.


I kid you not and that’s basically it for this week’s post guys. I hope you enjoyed it. Those are six conversation topics you could start with any girl to ensure you’re never in those awkward situations with nothing to say.

Things To Talk About To Your Crush

Things To Talk About To Your CrushIf you have a crush on someone and want things to progress beyond the base level, then there are things to talk about to your crush that can help you achieve your aim. Many people forget or don’t realize that they have to push past their shyness to move things forward. By not thinking about things to talk about to your crush, you may lose any opportunity you may have with them for good. Here are some things to talk about to your crush that will really open up a lot of dialog and understanding between the two of you.
One good thing to talk about to your crush is what type of things she likes. If you find out that your crush likes certain things then it is a good idea to bring this up during your first few conversations with him or her. This will help them realize what they like when they are with you and this can also be a good conversation starter if your crush does not already know about it. This may also spark a conversation about things to talk about with her that they do not even know of yet.
Another great way to have a conversation with her about things to talk about to your crush is to find out more about things that they do. For example, if your crush likes to go to movies then you can ask her where the best place to go is and see if they have a recommendation for you. If they do not know a good place then you can bring up your own choices and this can be a great conversation starter and can really get things going in a new direction. You can also learn about different types of movies that they enjoy by talking to them and seeing what they think about them.
If you are a talkative person then there are many things to talk about to your crush that you can share with her. One of the most common things to talk about is the things that you are afraid of or the things that you are frustrated about. This can be a great way to get them to open up to you and talk about their fears and frustrations because you are being open about your own fears and frustrations. When they are able to talk about these things they will be able to open up and talk about their wants and desires which will give you a lot more personal information about them.
The most important thing is that you need to be able to talk about the things to talk about to your crush confidently. This is going to be the first step to getting them to open up to you and share their thoughts with you. If they are hesitant to talk to you then you need to take a step back and not push it as there is always a next time. If they are willing to talk about things to do with you then you need to listen to what they have to say. The more information you have the easier it will be for you to get your crush to open up to you.
You should also find something that you can talk to your crush about that is not related to work, school, or other stuff. If you are stuck for ideas, try to figure out things that both of you enjoy. If you both love the beach, you could talk about how great the weather is, or how great you two can’t get enough sunshine. If you love comedy, you could share some of your funniest jokes with her. Whatever you two shares can be turned into great things to talk about to your crush.

THIS Is How to Talk to Girls and INSTANTLY Spark Attraction (How She Wants You to Talk to Her)

Hi guys! It’s me again, Beardy. I’m with Kay and Larry. Today, we’re gonna show you 5 tips on how a woman wants you to talk to her. Well, this is kind of related to our previous video where we discuss the signs that show that a girl wants to talk to you.

See, that video was about the when. Today, it’s about the how. And since we wanna make sure that you’re well prepared when you go talk to her, we’re also going to share with you one thing you don’t wanna do if you want to spark attraction.

You ready? Let’s get started.

5. Humor Hour Alright, I know you’ve been hearing that girls like guys with a good sense of humor a lot. Well, that couldn’t be more true, you know. After all, laughter is the best medicine. So here’s a little secret on how to talk to girls.

Always try to lighten up the mood and the conversation by injecting humor into it. Girls want someone who knows how to laugh and who knows how to make another person laugh. Why, you ask? Well, there’s a couple of reasons. Listen closely, guys.

First, it takes a smart person to crack quick and witty jokes. And in case you didn’t already know, girls are always looking for conversations with smart guys. Second, a guy who knows how to use humor is a guy who knows how to see the positive things in life and not dwell on the bad things. Lastly, being with a guy who has a great sense of humor guarantees that there’s never a dull moment with you. No crickets on dates.

No awkward silences. Awkward silences come when neither of you know what to talk about.

But silence is NEVER awkward if you’ve already been having a good time laughing. This is how to talk to your crush. Girls want spontaneous conversations made fun by laughter.

However, like what we always tell you, be careful not to overdo it. Women don’t want someone who doesn’t take them seriously. That’s not how you make a girl crazy for you. Recognize that some moments don’t always call for a joke. Like if she’s talking about her sad childhood.

You don’t need to throw a joke in to lighten the mood. You need to listen and empathize in this case. Plus, there are things that may be funny to you but are offensive to others, particularly to women. So you need to tread carefully. Don’t ever forget that women want you to talk to them while striking a delicate balance between being funny while also being serious.

And speaking of things you shouldn’t forget, here’s one: Don’t forget to check out our video about tips to make a girl crazy for you. There are tons of tips there you don’t wanna miss. 4. Same Level Haven So guys here’s another way a girl wants you to talk to her. She wants you to talk to her as if you’re talking to someone who’s the same level as you.

If you’ve been wondering how to flirt with a girl, this is it: Treat her with the same respect you expect to receive from her. Historically, women were treated as if they were the weaker sex. These days, you’ve gotta recognize that they’re people just like you. And so, when she displays one of the signs she wants you to talk to her, go ahead and do the talking.

But make sure that when you do, you keep in mind that you’re talking to someone who’s your equal.

When you talk to her this way, she’ll see that you clearly aren’t sexist or think you’re better than her. It’s all about respect. And when you give people a base level of respect and common decency, they’ll see you as a gentleman and a person they might like to get to know better. Wanna know more about the signs she wants you to talk to her? We have another video that talks about just that.

Check it out here. 3. Her not His Alright, here’s a story. I was out one day with this guy, Greg. It was our first date, but we’d been texting for a couple of days before meeting, so I thought we were gonna click.

He insisted that we meet at this coffee shop near his place. Looking back, I wish I was already keen enough to know that him choosing a place near him is already a huge red flag. Well, I didn’t mind because I was going to be around that area for a business meeting earlier that day. So I agreed to the meetup. And 30 minutes after it started, I found myself itching to go home because he COULD NOT stop talking about himself.

It felt like he just wanted someone to listen to how his day went, how successful he is in running his own business and how he doesn’t like the coffee in that place but it was the nearest decent place to meet which is why he insisted on meeting me there.

He RARELY asked me a question and when he did, he CLEARLY wasn’t listening. So naturally, our first date was also our last. And I texted him after and told him it wasn’t gonna work for me. Guys, here’s the thing: People like talking about themselves.

And women are no exception. But it’s a back and forth, not a one-sided TED talk about how awesome you are. And so, when you’re talking with a girl, make sure you’ve prepared some questions to ask a girl you like.

Make the conversation about her and not about you. This way, she’ll know that you’re genuinely interested in her.

She’ll feel comfortable talking about herself because she’ll see that you actually want to know more about her. And then she’ll feel comfortable with you. But of course, when she asks you questions about yourself, don’t refuse to answer and try to make it about her again. Otherwise she might think that you’re hiding something shady about yourself and she might just clam up instead of being more open. So again, don’t overdo it.

Just keep the conversation flowing by asking the right questions and answering her questions too. And remember: It’s a back and forth. Still not sure what questions to ask a girl you like? Watch our video about it! It’s already racked up 1.

8M views. Hey! We know you’re aching to apply these tips, but hold on because we still have 2 more tips on the way! Plus at the end of this video, we’ll tell you one way you should NEVER talk to girls.

And also, in the second part of this video will talk about some mistakes that nice guys make, which are just as important.

Now, back to it. 2. IntelliGENT Guys, do you wanna know how to talk to girls like you’re a natural? Here’s how. Learn how to make intelligent conversation.

Of course, before you do this, you’ll need to actually be somewhat intelligent first.

And when I say “intelligent”, I’m not talking about being a genius and learning every word there is in the dictionary or knowing all the answers to useless trivia questions. What I simply mean is to be intelligent enough to be able to hold sensible conversations. Be knowledgeable enough to know what to do when a girl looks at you. Be informed enough about current events so that you can actually respond when she asks about your opinion about them.

Learn basic concepts so she won’t think you’ve spent most of your time behind a large rock inside a primitive cave. In other words, treat every moment as an opportunity for learning and self-reflection. If you can do that, then you’ll find you’re a lot smarter than you might think you are. By learning about the world around you in addition to learning about yourself, you’ll be able to talk to her the way she wants you to – intelligently..

To get one step closer to becoming more intelligent and knowing how to approach a girl, watch this video we have about what to do when a girl looks at you. Join the 1.1 million people who already did.

Emotion Devotion When learning how to talk to your crush, this is the #1 thing you need to know. At some point in the conversation, you’re gonna have to get deep and appeal to her emotions if you want her to feel anything for you.

So don’t just scratch the surface in your conversation. Here’s an example of what I mean: Kay, what did you eat for breakfast? Uhm, bacon and eggs. Oh, okay. See, I asked Kay a very simple question that is close-ended, and not at all appealing to her emotions.

Kay, what did you feel when I asked you that question? Oh well, Beardy, to be honest, I felt nothing. It was just a basic question. Although I am a little hungry now..

. See, guys? If you know what to do when a girl looks at you, you know that asking her a close-ended question – one that won’t take the conversation in the direction you want it to go – is boring.

Alright, let’s do a second take. Kay, what do you love having for breakfast?

Oh, I love bacon and eggs. Did you have them this morning? Of course! Wow, that explains why you’re in such a good mood this morning. Right?

Yep! Thanks for notici- Neat! But I’ve still got a point to make. You’re such a turd. You can ask a girl a basic question, fellas.

But using words that appeal to her emotions – like the word “love” – makes her think about the question differently. It also opens up more conversation.

What else does she love? So, the next time you talk to a girl, instead of asking her what her favorite song is, ask her what kinds of music she appreciates. Instead of asking her about her favorite color, ask her if she believes that different colors affect her mood.

Most important though, try to avoid asking questions that are just answerable by simple “yes” or “no.” Those are close-ended questions that aren’t just boring, but also lead to nowhere except awkward silences. You know what else is boring? Not knowing about the signs a woman wants to be approached. Stop being boring and watch our video.

2.1 million unboring people already did. Oh hey, you’ve made it to the end. Hooray! You deserve to know the one way you should NEVER talk to a woman.

Imagine if someone did it to you. Here it is: Don’t speak about other people’s lives. In short, do not gossip. If you do, then she’ll think that you’re the kind of person who likes judging people and talking about none of the important things.

Remember, only small minds discuss people.

So think twice and think hard if before doing so. The only person you should talk about is the person you’re with and the person you are. Do you know of any other ways to talk to women that are guaranteed to spark attraction? Let us know in the comments below. Finally, do you want to know about the signs she wants you to talk to her?

Check out this video we have previously uploaded about the 5 signs she wants you to talk to her. In this video, we talk in detail about how you would know when she actually wants to have a conversation with you and the one time she doesn’t. If you’re having a hard time knowing when to approach a girl, then this video would be your next great find..

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10 Best Compliments To Give A Girl You Like

Okay, so you love her, you are in love with her. You want to tell her. She is the most beautiful woman in the world. You just want to express everything you got inside of you, or maybe you just saw a pretty girl that walked by you want to compliment her. You don’t know how to do it either way.

Your boy has you covered, of course, giving you the exact compliments on how you should be complimenting a girl. See if you do it wrong, you are going to be a simp, a simpleton like the rest of the guys that are in her DMS already and she’s just going to ignore you right, you’re just going to fuel her ego, she’s not going to fall in love with you or you’re going to look like a 40 year old creeper, commenting on her Instagram post or and if you ignore her completely and don’t do it at all, she won’t even know you exist. You want to be right in the middle. You want to be that you want to deliver that right.

Compliment that’s going to spark interest and sexual attraction in her. That is what we are going to give you today. Let’s go:

1. You’re not like everyone else.

Oh man, so you just got to tell her the things she wants to hear see. Women fall in love through their ear and when you tell her that she’s unique bro come on, it’s going to be like butter in your hand. The way I see it is that this one’s super subtle. You are not saying, oh my god, you’re so sexy, you’re so beautiful. That’s corny!

No, no, no you’re, saying you’re different right! You’re not like everybody else. This is subtle, but it plants a seed that could blossom into a romantic relationship if you water it right.

2. You have a lovely smile

Keep in mind that these are compliments and not pickup lines, meaning you’re not just going to drop it without any context and expect this girl to Just koala bear hug you and it’s just a merry day.

No, no! No! That’s the mistake most guys make, which is why it’s cringy. Instead, when you guys are vibing everything’s gucci, you guys are having a good time and you guys are laughing, you drop her that your smile is beautiful or your smile makes my day now.

3. You’ve got nice eyes, nice lips, nice teeth or nice hair.

You just want to say anything other than her body or her dump truck that the girl carries on with her. See, every time you just compliment her on her body or how beautiful she is like, this is a compliment that she gets a million times a day. So when you say she’s completely unfazed by it you’re one of the other ones, it just doesn’t move them at all, but slightly, but slightly tweaking it to something specific, a characteristic that really makes her stand out that’s going to catch her attention.

4. God, You’re so attractive

Again, this is like the smile one. It’s not a pickup line. It’s a compliment. Don’t just walk up to her and be like god, you’re so attractive. You’ll be a creep. There’s no context. She doesn’t even know you bro, but instead, when you guys are actually in a conversation, it doesn’t even have to be a first date that she’s really spilling about her goals and her ambitions and her dreams. When the conversation’s deep, drop the god you’re so attractive. And then just watch how she reacts: she’s going to realize that you’re not seeing her as physically attractive, but you find her mind sexy and that that’s going to catch her off guard.

5. I love that place.

I love that place. What do you think about, question Mark?

Okay? I know not a direct compliment, but a great way to kind of slide into the dm, so you don’t want to be the loser that’s freaking commenting emojis emojis on her page, like the other 140 year old creepers that are on her comments. You don’t want to be that dude. Instead find something that’s relatable experience eg food, something that she’s done or said, or something about her – that you’ve also done that you both can connect with and then proceed to open a conversation with that. So let’s say she went to tulum, but you also went to tulum. That’s when you’re like yo, I love that place. They do try out question mark whatever place that you know is popular there. That way, you guys can develop a conversation about something you guys already have in common and it’s a more genuine way that I guarantee you will get you more responses.

6. Just when I think I know you you surprise me.

This is great for Instagram, text, DM or even in person, especially after she’s talking about herself – and she might have said something that made her look a bit cooler. Maybe she just went skydiving or she got her new job whatever it is. When she tells you something that she’s proud of drop this line, it’s a genuine compliment that she’s really going to appreciate. number seven.

7. I can’t put my finger on it

I can’t put my finger on it, but you got this attractive, cool vibe about you. This is great for a girl you just met that you just started talking with her, whether it’s online or in person and it’s a great way to kind of like test the waters. Just dip your toe in and see how she reacts to your compliment. If she doesn’t push back and she giggles a little bit, maybe gets a little bit closer. That’s a positive response, you’re good to go!

This girl is probably liking you. If she pushes back a little bit, maybe makes a cringe face or is a little reserved. Maybe you’re moving a little bit too fast. You should pull back and definitely don’t go deeper with the compliments.

And that’s basically it for this week’s post guys. Those are seven ways to compliment a girl.

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How Girls REALLY Want You To Talk To Them

In the next few minutes, what you’re about to learn just might shock you, might scare you, but it might also change your life and how you interact with girls. In this world that we live in, there are rules that we must follow, break some of these rules and you will end up in a cold dark place that serves terrible food. These are laws and they are the visible rules, but there is a second set of rules which aren’t quite as obvious breaking. The second set of rules won’t put you behind bars and in fact, it might actually help you to overcome one of the biggest problems that many guys struggle with, which is talking to girls. This hidden set of rules exists everywhere in society because it was created by society.

To truly understand how this works it is important to note the two main forms of communication used by humans. The first option is called indirect communication and it’s the primary form of communication used by girls, but also by most people in society. The entire purpose of indirect communication is simply to say something without actually saying it, and it’s basically used as a safeguard to prevent someone from coming off as rude. While indirect communication can actually be incredibly useful in certain situations, in many cases it can do much more harm than good, especially if you’re a guy. Think about the last time that you got turned down for something. Maybe it was a girl you liked and when you asked her out, she said something like you’re cute, but I’m not interested.

Most of the time, she won’t actually say sorry, I’m not attracted to you physically, but that’s probably the real reason why she said no and she basically said no without actually saying NO. To fully understand how we should proceed, we must first understand the origins of both types of communication.

Indirect communication traditionally is a feminine form of communication and it is the default setting for most girls. Now direct communication is the total opposite and up until the last few decades, it was the primary form of communication used by guys.

Today, however, indirect communication is gradually becoming the default setting for many guys – and this is where problems can arise when talking to girls and even other guys. So many dudes get it wrong. Think about it like this, imagine you’re in a restaurant and the waitress asks you, if you’re ready to order. Many guys will say yes, can I have the chicken alfredo please and later they act surprised when the waitress isn’t attracted to them.

Remember how you say something or the tone of voice that you use is even more important than what you actually say. When the guy says, can I have the chicken alfredo, he does it in a way that makes him sound as if he’s asking the waitress permission. Now imagine once again, the waitress asks, what would you like to eat today and instead of asking, if you can have the chicken alfredo you say, yes I’ll take the chicken alfredo. Using both the tone of your voice and the actual words you are not asking permission. You are basically telling her that you are going to Take the chicken alfredo whether she likes it or not.

It is important to remember that attraction is an impulse, so girls and guys have zero control. When you speak directly and powerfully, you are pressing that little attraction button that is inside most girls. Think about the guy who plays in Thor, in the Avengers movies and how he speaks in those movies. Most of the time he is very direct in his communication, especially with the ladies and he acts as if everything that he says is important and the simple act of simply believing that every word that you have to say is important, actually makes it important.

This is the complete opposite of the way girls talk, and it is the most attractive way that you can speak around girls, but the benefits of powerful direct communication are not just with girls. Speaking directly and powerfully will gain your respect from other men, especially from those who primarily communicate indirectly. For example, imagine you’re in the movie theater with a girl, and she says BRR it’s cold in here. Chances are she’s indirectly hinting at you to let her wear your jacket. Remember direct communication is masculine, like a warrior. An indirect communication is feminine and the more feminine a man appears the less attraction most girls will feel towards him, except for girls who are more masculine. Since girls are from an evolutionary standpoint, more vulnerable than guys, they tend to avoid conflict, which is the driving force behind their indirect communication.

Now it’s possible to flirt with girls using indirect communication, but the majority of the interaction should be using direct, straightforward communication. The funny thing is girls actually want guys to talk to them like this, but they expect that most guy wouldn’t, and this is a huge advantage for the guys who do it right. Direct communication is one of the main traits of a dominant male, and it is one of the most important things for showing confidence and assertiveness. The key when speaking directly with not just girls, but also guys. This would be optimistic with whatever it is you’re saying. In other words, the tone of your voice should sound as if you’re a hundred percent confident that the other person is going to comply or agree with what you said. By simply having positive expectations from the start in a given situation it is more likely to end in Your favor and the same is true for negative expectations.

A great example of direct communication is, I want you to go to the dance with me tonight. Instead of, will you go to the dance with me asking a girl out and directly is cute in a Disney movie, but it’s not the optimal choice for real life. All that you have to do to begin speaking in a direct, attractive way and start any sentence where you’re asking for something. With the letter I and use more statements than questions when you state something to somebody as if it’s a fact, it shows that you have confidence and courage, because you are standing up for something that could be met with disapproval by everyone around you. So many guys in today’s society speak indirectly because of an invisible rule that says it’s the polite thing to do, but the truth is that oftentimes, the most polite way to speak or handle the situation is also the most unattractive way for a man to do so.

Talking is something that we spend most of our time doing so, the sooner you can start talking more like a warrior, the sooner girls and guys will start to see you as one. If you spent most of your life speaking indirectly and non powerfully, then yeah it’s going to feel weird. When you get out there and start practicing it much the same way, a bike felt totally foreign. The first time you tried to write it, but feeling uncomfortable is good, because it’s the only time that you’re actually growing as a person. When you see a big movie in the theatre, you only see the finished product.

What you don’t see is the repetition and the countless takes that were required for the finished product. Girls, don’t care if you used to be a shy insecure guy in the past, in the same way that you would still be attracted to a girl who used to be incredibly overweight as long as she’s at a healthy, attractive weight. Now, all that matters is who you are now and who you can grow to become.

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How To Keep A Conversation Going With A Girl

.How to keep conversation going with a girlStarting a conversation and maintaining an engaging conversation are two different things. The starting part is really nothing more than getting a woman’s attention. Once most men realize this, starting conversations becomes easy. The hard part is keeping her attention.

In this post were going to be taking a look at 10 key factors that will help you maintain an engaging conversation with any woman you choose.

Talk With Energy:

Most men are so nervous that they mumble, talk in a low tone or too high pitch, and seem sad to be talking to her. Your aim should be to bring some energy to her life. The idea is to bring her up. Don’t be one of those guys who bring her down.

Don’t Dominate The Conversation:

Have you ever been in one of those conversations where the other person never seems to shut up? It makes it hard for you to voice your own thoughts. Doesn’t it? It almost makes you seem like you can’t get away from them because they never shut up! Watch her carefully to see if she has anything to say. Watch her carefully to see if she is bored or wants to get away. This helps keep the conversation open.

Ask Questions:

Open-ended questions work best. But you don’t always have to use open-ended questions. Sometimes just saying “really?” “what was that like?” will get her to give up more information.

Talk About What She Likes:

Everybody’s favourite topic is themselves. If you only talk about what interest you, then the conversation will only be about you. Talk about her first. When she is ready she will ask you plenty of questions about yourself with lots of interest on her part.

Get Her To Teach You:

When the conversation is on something you know nothing about don’t fake that you do know something. What you do is get her to teach you more about that topic. Ask questions, tell her to explain things, get her to demonstrate, and so forth.

Be Interesting:

This has as much to do with not being boring as it does as being interesting. The more you talk about her the more interesting you will be. The more you relate to her, the more you talk to her about her fantasizes, and the more you mix it up with some humor the better.

Use Your Body Language:

If you enjoy talking to her you can use your body language to encourage her to keep talking. Allot of guys now of days like to lean away from a woman. But..if you really enjoy talking to her leaning in a little bit after she has started talking will show her you like what you hear.

Adjust To The Environment:

Normal conversation is rarely good enough if you are at a party or club. You need some energy, humor, fun, and even be comfortable with your sexuality. If a girl is wearing something that reveals her boobs you might say..”If I didn’t know any better I would think that shirt was designed to get me to look at your boobs.” That sounds almost too forward, but when done correctly you will get a surprising response from her. This sort of thing can help initiate the flirting.

Enjoy Her, But Don’t Workshop Her:

One of the things you have to be careful with is trying to become too agreeable. This is when you start changing your opinions and values so that you can be more like her. Don’t be afraid to disagree. You just have to do it in the right way.

Challenge Her:

This shows a woman that you have some guts. If she is wearing big glasses that make her stand out you could say “I hate it when people wear certain things just to stand out.” See how she responds to that. There is nothing wrong with ruffling a few feathers and getting under skin. You can be certain that she will do it to you.
If you can integrate some of what is taught here you should be able to have more success with your conversations

How To Flirt With Women – 3 Good Flirting Tips

How to flirt with women

Men are naturally expected to know how to flirt with a woman who catches their eye. However, this is not always the case. Once they meet a lady who grabs their attention during the day they get cold feet and are unable to flirt with them in any way. Well, if this is you, do not feel intimidated. It is possible to learn how to flirt with women in a short period of time with some good flirting tips.

How can you do this? I am here to assist you. I will give you 3 good flirting tips that will make you a flirting guru and allow you to attract women with ease. These flirting tips will make it much easier for to approach women in public with confidence.

Stop caring about other people’s opinion if you want to know how to flirt with a woman.

Most guys find it hard to approach women during the day since they are afraid of other people’s opinion. The truth is, nobody really cares what you are doing and no one will judge you for making a move on a woman you find attractive. You should overcome your fear of approaching women and make a move on that woman you are eying.

There have been multiple surveys and research carried out through the years in relation to flirting with women. The results show that most people who see a guy about to flirt or approaching a woman secretly wish them to succeed.
Everyone is usually so absorbed in their day to day activities that they do not notice the fact that you are trying to flirt with a woman you like. The few people that do notice you trying to attract a woman by flirting do not even pay attention and do not care about your affairs at all.

Don’t worry too much about how to start a conversation with a woman

Do not waste your precious time trying to figure out how to start a conversation with a woman. Starting conversations with women should not be something to stress over. Here is a tip that always works 99% of the time. Start the conversation by commenting about the situation you are currently in; whether you are in a coffee shop, a bank queue, a grocery store, a mall or any other place. Simply make a comment about your surroundings to start the conversation. Starting conversations with women is as simple as that.

Let us take a look at this scenario for instance. You are getting your morning Starbucks and a tall beautiful girl is standing next you on the line. You can simply start the conversation by asking her what her favorite variety or roast is. This is the easiest way to flirt with women.

If the woman does not respond immediately, don’t take it personally, it is not your fault. Women have a lot of issues to deal with just like men do and they have a specialty of drowning in their own thoughts. To draw her out, you might need to be a little bit more patient. If you want to learn how to flirt with women and how to attract women you have to learn the virtue of patience and persistence as well. Here is a video by a well known pick up artist, Johnny Berba, with a few lessons on how to flirt with women.

Be daring if you want to master how to flirt with women

You can master how to flirt with women if you actually overcome your fear and make a move. The key here is to move past your fear and have the courage to actually talk to a woman. Most guys give in to their fears and never actually learn how to get a woman simply because they never actually master how to talk to a woman due to their inability to take risks by starting conversations with women they desire. This is the wrong attitude. Letting your emotions get in the way will only make you fail.

Learning how to flirt with a woman is like learning anything else. For example, in the field of weight training, the guy that gets the big well-toned muscles is the one who puts in lots of hours of hard work and effort. He does not let laziness or negativity stop him from achieving his goals.

The same principle applies when it comes to learning how to get a woman. You can only get results if you actually DO SOMETHING about it. While most men literally talk themselves out of making a move on a woman, be courageous, after all, you have nothing to lose.

I know this has come as a relief to most of you guys out there. The playing field is in reality much smaller than you picture in your mind. To be more precise, less than one out of ten guys actually take the step of giving in to their desires and discovering how to flirt with women. This means that if you do it, you will be part of the 10% lucky guys out there who have managed to beat the rest in the flirting arena.

Once you start flirting with women, make it something that you do regularly. You will find that your problem shifts from how to flirt with women, to how to find free time in your busy schedule to date women.

How To Talk To A Girl For The First Time

Talking to a girl for the first timeTalking to someone you’ve never spoken to before can be a daunting task for anyone. The problem is even more magnified when it is a girl you like and you have never really said a word to her before or worse still you’ve never really met this girl before. That said talking to a girl for the first can be a breeze if you follow a few simple steps. In this post, we are going to breakdown how to talk to a girl for the first time into two separate bought related parts. The first task of talking to a girl for the first time is preparation as outlined in this article:

How to Talk to a Girl You Like for the First Time | Welcome to Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:20:50 -0700

Maybe you have seen a girl around, and you have been dreaming of just going up and talking to her. However, approaching someone for the first time is nerve- wracking in most instances; add your new crush into the mix, and …

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How to talk to a girlThe second element when looking at how to talk to a girl for the first time is the actual words that you say to a girl you just met and how you say those words. I have read in a few places that it is not what you say but how you say it. In my opinion both are equally important. To illustrate, here is a good example of how to talk to a girl for the first time:

How to Talk to a Girl for the First Time | Seductive Sun, 03 Nov 2013 20:05:50 -0800

Knowing how to talk to a girl for the first time that you meet or approach her is extremely important because it is this initial interaction that plays the biggest role in determining how well things turn out between the two of you.

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How to talk to a shy girl for the first time.

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl You LikeWe all know how hard it is to strike up a conversation with a stranger for the first time. It is even harder with a shy girl unless you know how to talk to a shy girl for the first time. This is because shy girls can look uninterested and aloof when they are talking to a guy that they have never met before. This can make them seem uninteresting and uninterested and unless you know what to do, you are likely to walk away too early simply because you thought that the girl you are talking to isn’t into you. This one article is a good read for anyone who wants learn how to talk to a shy girl for the first time:

How to Talk to a Shy Girl for the First Time ~ Val’s Tue, 28 Apr 2015 07:29:00 -0700

Striking up a conversation with a girl for the first time can be an awkward experience. This is especially true with a shy girl, because she may appear aloof and unapproachable. Traditional forms of flirtation may be intimidating …

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What Do You Talk About With A Girl You Just Met?

How to text girlsAfter you’ve approached a girl that you like and you’ve managed to start a conversation using one of the techniques outline in the previous segments of this posts, your job is not done. You need to do some small talk in order to relax the girl and make her feel that you are the kind of guy she needs to know otherwise you are not going to be able to take things to the next level. Here is what to talk to a girl about when you’ve only just met the girl:

What to Talk About with a Girl – Seven Conversational Mon, 18 Nov 2013 19:46:30 -0800

You see, young grasshopper – if you have trouble starting and keeping a conversation with girls and can therefore never make a girl like you, and you will be destined to live the life of a single hermit forever. We ain’t gonna let that happen!

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How To Start A Conversation With A Girl You Like

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl You Like

The ability to have a stimulating conversation with a girl you just met is one of the essential skills that a guy need to learn if he is to get better at approaching women and seducing them. The problem that most guys have is that they don’t know how to start a conversation with a girl they don’t already know. Some guys might be able to summon the courage to approach a girl and talk to her but they find it difficult to make the conversation interesting enough for a girl to hang around. This means that after a few minutes of social talk the girl will politely excuse herself and disappear out of boredom.

You might be a really social kind of guy who finds conversation easy to comeby, in which case you are one of the privileged few. If you are not one of the lucky few that know exactly how to start a conversation with a girl you like check out this article where everything is broken down into tiny little steps that anyone can follow in other to master how to start a conversation with a girl in any situation: 

How to Start a Conversation With a New Girl You Like

There are many wrong ways to start a conversation with a new girl you like and only a few right ways. A lot of guys attempt to use one liners and they often don’t get any bites. Other times guys attempt cat-calling by trying the …

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There are a few important things that can be learned from that article. The first is that even though it can be daunting to know how to start a conversation with a girl you like but don’t know, the process can be broken down into a simple system that anyone can use to become a master at chatting up women.

The second is that women will actually give you respect if you gather the courage to approach them and start a conversation, provided it is done correctly. This applies even in situations when a woman has turned you down after asking her out. Remember you get rejected by women for all sorts of reasons most of which has nothing to do with you. For example she may be in a relationship already, she may be recently dumped by a play boy and now all men are evil or she may simply not be into guys.