THIS Is How to Talk to Girls and INSTANTLY Spark Attraction (How She Wants You to Talk to Her)

Hi guys! It’s me again, Beardy. I’m with Kay and Larry. Today, we’re gonna show you 5 tips on how a woman wants you to talk to her. Well, this is kind of related to our previous video where we discuss the signs that show that a girl wants to talk to you.

See, that video was about the when. Today, it’s about the how. And since we wanna make sure that you’re well prepared when you go talk to her, we’re also going to share with you one thing you don’t wanna do if you want to spark attraction.

You ready? Let’s get started.

5. Humor Hour Alright, I know you’ve been hearing that girls like guys with a good sense of humor a lot. Well, that couldn’t be more true, you know. After all, laughter is the best medicine. So here’s a little secret on how to talk to girls.

Always try to lighten up the mood and the conversation by injecting humor into it. Girls want someone who knows how to laugh and who knows how to make another person laugh. Why, you ask? Well, there’s a couple of reasons. Listen closely, guys.

First, it takes a smart person to crack quick and witty jokes. And in case you didn’t already know, girls are always looking for conversations with smart guys. Second, a guy who knows how to use humor is a guy who knows how to see the positive things in life and not dwell on the bad things. Lastly, being with a guy who has a great sense of humor guarantees that there’s never a dull moment with you. No crickets on dates.

No awkward silences. Awkward silences come when neither of you know what to talk about.

But silence is NEVER awkward if you’ve already been having a good time laughing. This is how to talk to your crush. Girls want spontaneous conversations made fun by laughter.

However, like what we always tell you, be careful not to overdo it. Women don’t want someone who doesn’t take them seriously. That’s not how you make a girl crazy for you. Recognize that some moments don’t always call for a joke. Like if she’s talking about her sad childhood.

You don’t need to throw a joke in to lighten the mood. You need to listen and empathize in this case. Plus, there are things that may be funny to you but are offensive to others, particularly to women. So you need to tread carefully. Don’t ever forget that women want you to talk to them while striking a delicate balance between being funny while also being serious.

And speaking of things you shouldn’t forget, here’s one: Don’t forget to check out our video about tips to make a girl crazy for you. There are tons of tips there you don’t wanna miss. 4. Same Level Haven So guys here’s another way a girl wants you to talk to her. She wants you to talk to her as if you’re talking to someone who’s the same level as you.

If you’ve been wondering how to flirt with a girl, this is it: Treat her with the same respect you expect to receive from her. Historically, women were treated as if they were the weaker sex. These days, you’ve gotta recognize that they’re people just like you. And so, when she displays one of the signs she wants you to talk to her, go ahead and do the talking.

But make sure that when you do, you keep in mind that you’re talking to someone who’s your equal.

When you talk to her this way, she’ll see that you clearly aren’t sexist or think you’re better than her. It’s all about respect. And when you give people a base level of respect and common decency, they’ll see you as a gentleman and a person they might like to get to know better. Wanna know more about the signs she wants you to talk to her? We have another video that talks about just that.

Check it out here. 3. Her not His Alright, here’s a story. I was out one day with this guy, Greg. It was our first date, but we’d been texting for a couple of days before meeting, so I thought we were gonna click.

He insisted that we meet at this coffee shop near his place. Looking back, I wish I was already keen enough to know that him choosing a place near him is already a huge red flag. Well, I didn’t mind because I was going to be around that area for a business meeting earlier that day. So I agreed to the meetup. And 30 minutes after it started, I found myself itching to go home because he COULD NOT stop talking about himself.

It felt like he just wanted someone to listen to how his day went, how successful he is in running his own business and how he doesn’t like the coffee in that place but it was the nearest decent place to meet which is why he insisted on meeting me there.

He RARELY asked me a question and when he did, he CLEARLY wasn’t listening. So naturally, our first date was also our last. And I texted him after and told him it wasn’t gonna work for me. Guys, here’s the thing: People like talking about themselves.

And women are no exception. But it’s a back and forth, not a one-sided TED talk about how awesome you are. And so, when you’re talking with a girl, make sure you’ve prepared some questions to ask a girl you like.

Make the conversation about her and not about you. This way, she’ll know that you’re genuinely interested in her.

She’ll feel comfortable talking about herself because she’ll see that you actually want to know more about her. And then she’ll feel comfortable with you. But of course, when she asks you questions about yourself, don’t refuse to answer and try to make it about her again. Otherwise she might think that you’re hiding something shady about yourself and she might just clam up instead of being more open. So again, don’t overdo it.

Just keep the conversation flowing by asking the right questions and answering her questions too. And remember: It’s a back and forth. Still not sure what questions to ask a girl you like? Watch our video about it! It’s already racked up 1.

8M views. Hey! We know you’re aching to apply these tips, but hold on because we still have 2 more tips on the way! Plus at the end of this video, we’ll tell you one way you should NEVER talk to girls.

And also, in the second part of this video will talk about some mistakes that nice guys make, which are just as important.

Now, back to it. 2. IntelliGENT Guys, do you wanna know how to talk to girls like you’re a natural? Here’s how. Learn how to make intelligent conversation.

Of course, before you do this, you’ll need to actually be somewhat intelligent first.

And when I say “intelligent”, I’m not talking about being a genius and learning every word there is in the dictionary or knowing all the answers to useless trivia questions. What I simply mean is to be intelligent enough to be able to hold sensible conversations. Be knowledgeable enough to know what to do when a girl looks at you. Be informed enough about current events so that you can actually respond when she asks about your opinion about them.

Learn basic concepts so she won’t think you’ve spent most of your time behind a large rock inside a primitive cave. In other words, treat every moment as an opportunity for learning and self-reflection. If you can do that, then you’ll find you’re a lot smarter than you might think you are. By learning about the world around you in addition to learning about yourself, you’ll be able to talk to her the way she wants you to – intelligently..

To get one step closer to becoming more intelligent and knowing how to approach a girl, watch this video we have about what to do when a girl looks at you. Join the 1.1 million people who already did.

Emotion Devotion When learning how to talk to your crush, this is the #1 thing you need to know. At some point in the conversation, you’re gonna have to get deep and appeal to her emotions if you want her to feel anything for you.

So don’t just scratch the surface in your conversation. Here’s an example of what I mean: Kay, what did you eat for breakfast? Uhm, bacon and eggs. Oh, okay. See, I asked Kay a very simple question that is close-ended, and not at all appealing to her emotions.

Kay, what did you feel when I asked you that question? Oh well, Beardy, to be honest, I felt nothing. It was just a basic question. Although I am a little hungry now..

. See, guys? If you know what to do when a girl looks at you, you know that asking her a close-ended question – one that won’t take the conversation in the direction you want it to go – is boring.

Alright, let’s do a second take. Kay, what do you love having for breakfast?

Oh, I love bacon and eggs. Did you have them this morning? Of course! Wow, that explains why you’re in such a good mood this morning. Right?

Yep! Thanks for notici- Neat! But I’ve still got a point to make. You’re such a turd. You can ask a girl a basic question, fellas.

But using words that appeal to her emotions – like the word “love” – makes her think about the question differently. It also opens up more conversation.

What else does she love? So, the next time you talk to a girl, instead of asking her what her favorite song is, ask her what kinds of music she appreciates. Instead of asking her about her favorite color, ask her if she believes that different colors affect her mood.

Most important though, try to avoid asking questions that are just answerable by simple “yes” or “no.” Those are close-ended questions that aren’t just boring, but also lead to nowhere except awkward silences. You know what else is boring? Not knowing about the signs a woman wants to be approached. Stop being boring and watch our video.

2.1 million unboring people already did. Oh hey, you’ve made it to the end. Hooray! You deserve to know the one way you should NEVER talk to a woman.

Imagine if someone did it to you. Here it is: Don’t speak about other people’s lives. In short, do not gossip. If you do, then she’ll think that you’re the kind of person who likes judging people and talking about none of the important things.

Remember, only small minds discuss people.

So think twice and think hard if before doing so. The only person you should talk about is the person you’re with and the person you are. Do you know of any other ways to talk to women that are guaranteed to spark attraction? Let us know in the comments below. Finally, do you want to know about the signs she wants you to talk to her?

Check out this video we have previously uploaded about the 5 signs she wants you to talk to her. In this video, we talk in detail about how you would know when she actually wants to have a conversation with you and the one time she doesn’t. If you’re having a hard time knowing when to approach a girl, then this video would be your next great find..

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