What To Talk To Girls About – 5 Best Conversation Topics

Hi it’s Stephan here now. A lot of us are struggling with conversations with women and specifically with drawing up in conversations with women getting awkward silences, not knowing what to say next. So in this video, I want to talk about five solutions to this problem. Five topics that you can talk about whenever you feel like there’s going to be an awkward pause or you feel like basically, the conversation has run its course.

Okay, so topic number one that you can always talk about is what you’re seeing or hearing around you right now. In other words, what’s happening right now and that could be your surroundings or that could be happening. What she’s just doing or something that you can comment on that you’re just thinking about right now or something that you see, hear, feel, smell whatever. Something that is basically getting to your brain through your senses. That’s always an easy topic to comment on. So for example, oh look at this guy. He looks interesting or where’s the waitress she’s been around, you know running around a lot, but she’s not come back to our table yet. What’s going on huh? or you know, when you look at me like that, I think you’re having bad thoughts, that kind of thing – okay, so what’s happening right now.

Second topic that you can talk about whenever you run out of things to say would be something that you experienced recently.

You know recently I went to the shop and this thing happened to me. There must have been something in your life in the last weeks or months that was interesting, that was making you think about something in a different way, something that moved you that made you laugh or whatever. Tell that story when you run out of things to say, because you know what, when you tell stories about your own life, it gives a girl a chance to listen to you Give the girls a chance to bond with you, so it would be nice if that story was at a nice outcome and had a funny point to it or something that was thought-provoking, and that told her something about you.


The third grade topic to fall back on when you run other things to say, is her. That’s right, women certainly do find themselves interesting, as we all do. So, when you ask her a question about her, maybe something personal or something that you find interesting about her she’ll be willing to talk about it.


In most cases, if you phrase it in a playful way, even better, for example, simple question: what are you thinking right now? You might be surprised what she will say, but you will get her to be challenged to reveal a little bit about what’s going on. That’s always a good thing, a little challenge in there and a little interest in her.


The fourth great topic to talk about is something that you are going to do. Tell her about something that you’re going to be interested in doing. For example, have you ever been to bounce Shibuya? It’s this cool place.

We can play table tennis and you can eat and have a drink at the same time. It’s really nice. I’m going there with some friends next weekend.


That would be a way of talking about something that you’re going to do and that’s another great topic to fall back on. So have a few things in your mind when you’re talking to a girl about the kind of things that you might do in the future.


The fifth and final trick is the following. I call this become the ironic observer and that’s when you take a step back and you observe the two of you from a different position. For example, look at us. We almost had an Oprah pause there, didn’t we.


You’re, basically taking a step back and you’re making it look like you’re having fun with the process. You’re messing with the convention of the whole thing, and it feels like you’re in charge of the whole thing, even though you might have had an awkward moment.


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