6 Topics Of Conversation With A Girl You Just Met

topics of conversation with a girl

If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her fall in love with you anytime. You really want her to open up and just go at it, bring up a relationship story yo. I know for a fact that most of you have been in a situation with a girl that your mind starts racing like oh, oh, what do I say next, oh crap, the conversation’s ending. What do I do and now you’re acting all freaking awkward, because you’re fighting with yourself inside your head, trying to figure out topics Of Conversation With A Girl you just met? I never want that to happen to any of my brothers, so today, boys, I’m going to give you the six best conversation topics that you can start with any girl to make sure you’re never in that situation. Let’s hop into it:


1. Culture


No girl is going to open up her heart and soul to you and go into a deep conversation about her aspirations, her dreams, her goals, that’s not going to happen. You need to build a connection first. It’s a good way to start a conversation, that’s somewhat deep, but not that deep.


Just what is culture? Music is a great example. Everybody loves music, so a conversation about the type of music that she likes is a great way to start. You just have to be smart as to how you ask. See instead of asking who’s your favorite artist. Why don’t you ask her? Give me two songs that I should listen to next or something like that and then ask her what they mean to her. Another example is books. Say you’re at the library at college or you’re at a regular bookstore, a coffee shop and you see her reading. You already know she likes books, so a good conversation topic is books and again, instead of asking her who’s her favorite author or what are her favorite books. Ask her the same question like once you start the conversation what are two books that she recommends for you to start reading? This type of question really dives deep into what her likes and dislikes are and actually expands the conversation versus getting just a one-word response.


2. Relationships


This one’s a personal story honestly and I found that it always works. See, women just love to gossip. So anytime, you really want her to open up and just go at it, bring up a relationship story. It could literally be a real one that happened to you or maybe something that happened to your friend that you’re going to use as if it happened to you. doesn’t really matter women just love to like fix things and give their opinions about things, especially when it comes to relationships because, like they all think they’re Dr Phil, and this is a great way to understand how she thinks relationship works, and you give your own opinion as well, and that’s when the deep connections really start to happen.


3. Cut short the interaction


This is not so much a topic, but a tactic that I always do and it’s ending on a high note see I’m going to be honest with you, I’m not a conversationalist, so I had to learn all of this stuff the hard way. I can’t keep a conversation going for two hours out of nowhere, so I understood my weaknesses and I’ve worked on my strengths.


What you need to do is understand your weaknesses as well. You don’t want to waste other people’s time and instead of dragging on a conversation to the point of boredom, you should always end on a high note. Let’s say you’re five to ten minutes in a conversation, she’s laughing you’re laughing. You guys are having a great time. I know it’s going to suck, but I need you to build up some willpower from the inside and literally cut it off at its highest point. You can literally just tell her: “Oh, I have to run. I have this appointment or I had this thing to do whatever. Here’s where you smoothly tell her you know, but I’d love to get a cup of coffee or catch up later. Let me have your number. Let me get your snap. I guarantee you this works ninety nine point eight percent of the time and that point two percent is probably because your delivery was whack.


4. Make her laugh.


I actually read this quote once that said something along the lines of “If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her fall in love with you”.


It’s a little strong but honestly, there’s a lot of truth in that quote. See humor is one of the best most attractive traits a man can develop, but there is a fine line between making a complete fool of yourself and being lighthearted. You want to tread that carefully and when you are light-hearted, you make fun of situations that you’re both experiencing. Let’s say: you’ve been waiting in line for a long time, you’re at a lame party or the restaurant food maybe tastes like crap or the gym is packed and both of you can’t hit any machines, make light of any situation you’re both experiencing – and this is a Great way to get her to giggle or to laugh and really get her to open up to you to start a conversation which takes us on to number five.


5. Pick your moments carefully


You got to pick the right time again, not a conversation topic.


But if you don’t do this right, it doesn’t matter what topic you’re, deploying it’s never going to work see. You always have to pick the right time to increase your chances of success and not getting rejected. So if you see her on the phone, blasting music, going hard in the gym or she’s power walking as if she has somewhere to be. Chances are she’s not going to stop and give you a 20-minute conversation. Even if you are the funniest guy in the world, situational awareness is key to being able to read a woman’s body language and understand when it’s the perfect time to approach.


6. Talk about hobby.


You got to understand that a person’s hobbies are like a summary of the person themselves, what they like and what they dislike. Most people that practice hobbies do it for fun. So any time you start a topic on hobbies, it’s always going to be a fun topic because you’re talking about what you already like to do or what she already likes to do. Now, the home run comes here when you both start talking about hobbies, and you realize that maybe some of the stuff that she likes to do you also like to do? I guarantee you if you ever hit a match like that you’re going to be talking for hours, because you’re both going to be relating to so many things, creating that deeper connection and that’s when you have a killer conversation with a girl that I promise you could take her on a date after that.


I kid you not and that’s basically it for this week’s post guys. I hope you enjoyed it. Those are six conversation topics you could start with any girl to ensure you’re never in those awkward situations with nothing to say.