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How To Get A Girl To Text You Back

how to get a girl to text you back

how to get a girl to text you back

In this post we are going to talk to you about how to get a girl to text you back. One of the most frustrating things is when you meet a girl, you connect with her. Things seem to have been really well in person, but then later on, when you try to get a hold of her via text, she just doesn’t seem to reply, and the sad fact is is that no response equals no date, it’s as simple as that. If She doesn’t reply, you risk never seeing her again unless you randomly bump into her somewhere or you stalk her out on Facebook, which never ends well. So in this post I want to talk about how to get a girl to text you back. These are five tricks and techniques you can use to ensure that she doesn’t ignore your message.

1. I know this sounds dumb, but if you don’t put anything in your text message for her to respond to, she may not respond. This could mean that you’re a low priority or or that she stumped for something to say, and she doesn’t know that. There has to be something in your text message to respond to.

You see, a lot of guys assume that if they write something like hey or you know, hope your day is going well that she’s going to respond all happy and positive, but a lot of times she may be busy or in the middle of something – and you didn’t really ask her a question, so it’s kind of an inconvenience for her now to have to come up with something to write back to you. If you want to figure out how to get a girl to text you back, you have to learn how to text girls in the first place. We have another post on this website that tells you exactly how to do that.

Facts are you’ll, never know unless you get a question in there somewhere. If you’re stuck for something to say, then just put a simple choice question on the end of your message, just to make sure that she hits reply, something as simple as “so are you a dessert or cocktail kind of girl?”
how too text girls
2. The second technique on the question of how to get a girl to text you back is write something that she can respond to just like asking a question. This is got to be one of the most obvious pitfalls you can fall into. If you write her a short message like lol, cool or or a message that is just made up of smiley’s, it’s tough for her to respond. So she is going to ignore your message because you haven’t given her something wort replying to.

3. The next technique is make a comment about her. Do you want to know what her favorite topic of conversation is, herself. Yep, girls like all people, love talking about themselves. So if you can just make a comment that relates to her life, ask about her day or makes a joke based around something she told you, she’s way more likely to text you back, than if she just gets a message that is all about you!
How to text a girl
So, instead of telling her about your day, guess what her day has been like: for example, “so how’d that math exam go, I’m thinking you did great and want to celebrate now.” So that example that I just gave served a double bonus because by saying something like, you want to celebrate now, you’re kind of hinting that you want to hang out with her, but didn’t give her too much attention. If you send her a message, full of babe, cutie and princess she’s, going to feel more ill than mmm.

4. If you give a girl the impression that you’re way more into her than she is into you, it’s going to make her feel awkward and adored. So back away from the emoticons and the kisses and handle with care. We only use words like that on girls that are a done deal. Like we said before, if you want to learn how to get a girl to text you back, you have to get the basics of texting girls right.

5. The fifth and final technique of how to get a girl to text you back, is to make her feel comfortable to respond to you. Just like you don’t want to go over the limit on the romantic side of things when you’re texting a girl, you also want to avoid being too sexual too soon. You may love to send her a picture of your naked body, but sending her a picture of you naked when she isn’t prepared for it is not going to get a positive reaction.

Believe it or not. She doesn’t want to see you naked via text until she’s cool, seeing that in real life. So delete that photo and play it cooler to prompt a response.

Follow these five simple steps and you are going to really avoid a lot of the pitfalls that lead to her not texting you back.
Text dating
Now, there’s an even more powerful way to get her to text back and that’s to become a better texter in the first place. If you want to take your text game to the next level and get girls to text you back each and every time, go here and…..Check out magnetic messaging by Boby Rio!

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How To Tell If A Girl Likes You Through Texts

How to tell if a girl likes you through texts can be a difficult skill to master. Most men have no idea how to go about trying to figure out whether or not the girl that they have been exchanging text with likes them. However, it’s not impossible to learn how to tell if a girl likes you through text. It just takes some patience and the right kind of information.

how to tell if a girl likes you through texts

The way to tell if a girl likes you through texts is to gauge her interest. This means that you need to think about how often she texts you and how long the texts last. This will tell you how serious she is about getting to know you. If she frequently texts you, she’s obviously very interested in you as well.

You’ll also want to consider how long she’s been texting you. If she hasn’t been texting you for more than a few weeks, she’s probably not as into you as you are her. She may be testing the waters to see if you feel the same way about her as she does. A number of girls use the excuse that they’re just friends with someone who they met online and then they decide to give up the relationship after a while. However, if she’s been texting you consistently, then she’s hooked.

A good way of how to tell if a girl likes you through texts is to see what she talks about when she is texting you. If she mentions guys that she’s had a crush on, this is a very strong indicator that she probably wants to be just friends with you. If she’s always complimenting you and telling you how pretty or handsome you are, she’s feeling as though she’s known you all your life and feels attracted to you on some deep, instinctive level then she’s most certainly interested in you.

Another sign of how to tell if a girl likes you through texts is the way she dresses around you. She’ll wear clothes that make her seem more comfortable and fun to be around with. When she’s with you, she’ll most likely do things that make you feel comfortable as well. She’ll put on a different face when she’s texting you than she would if you were face to face.

The last sign of how to tell if a girl likes you through texts is how often she asks you out. If she does it every single day, she’s feeling as though she can’t keep her hands off of you. She wants to spend every waking minute with you and the more comfortable you are around her, the more likely she’ll want to spend time with you as well. Be considerate of her time and take notice of how often she asks you out. 

Most women spend a good amount
of time on their phones. When you notice that the girl takes the whole day to
reply to your text, there is a possibility that she is not into you. Women are
always excited when they see a text from a guy they like. They will create time
to answer it, even when they are busy. When they take a long time to reply, they
always give you a reason why they took long because they don’t want you to find
it offensive.


Women only entertain the guys
that they’re interested in. When a girl flirts with you often over the text, it’s
to show that she is comfortable, safe and open to talk with you. Women take
over a hundred selfies and only select the best and sends them to a guy they
like. If a girl sends you sexy photos and teases you that she woke up like that,
then you just need to get over your fear and ask her out. She’s trying to make
you see her in her best light and probably get you to like her.


15 Signs A Girl Likes You Over Text – How To Tell If A Girl Likes You

So you’ve clicked on this site and you possibly are looking at your taxes right now. Thinking I’m pretty sure she likes me, but I just want to have that confirmation just to make sure now. This is a post for you, because we are going to talk about texts that a girl will text you if she likes you.

She uses lots of cute emojis with you as with most of these signs. This needs to be taken into context now, if the person you are texting with is known for using an excessive amounts of emojis all the time with everyone in chat, then it’s fairly meaningless. But, however, if you know this is out of the ordinary for her, she may be attempting to build up a more fun and sexy rapport with you as emojis are an easy go to flirting over text. She starts asking personal questions now. Not many people actually pick up on this hint as it can be very subtle, but you are looking out for signs that someone is putting in a little bit of extra effort with these questions.

They will be tailored to really get to know the real you as an example. Instead of just asking: what do you do? They might ask okay. So what motivates you to do what you do? She complements you a lot the odd compliment here and there might not really mean much, but if they are constantly rolling it in then there may be something there to suggest that she is into you she’s, trying to find out what your future looks like now.

This could be a sign that she’s trying to stick it out how compatible the two of you are as a couple or, if there’s any major roadblocks that she needs to know about, for example, something that could prevent the things of YouTube working out. She teases you now teasing is a form of classic flirting for most people and it can work pretty well over text message and it can make the taxing fun and playful and shows that she’s getting comfortable. Having conversations with you, she starts quoting her favorite films and sending you lines from her favorite songs. This is a creative method that some people use to show you what sort of things they are into an intern finds out. If you like the similar things, they may be trying to impress you with their tastes and build up your rapport together.

She keeps you updated on what she’s up to you may pick up on her texting. You frequently just telling you about her day and what she’s been getting up to now. She may want to share more of her day with you and show you more of what she is like as a person she finds everything you say hilarious, now, a girl finding. You funny is another common signs look out for if she’s responding with lots of lols and how has there? Not only is she finding the conversation enjoyable, but it’s a good indicator.

She might be into you so think about how often it happens and if it’s still happening when you’re, not actually being that funny. She instantly replies if the girl always takes a long time to reply to you. It’s normally a sign that she doesn’t like you, but on the other hand, if she’s always very quick to get back to you, then it indicates that she is interested in you, and this sort of quick reply may take time to develop, as some girls will want To avoid being seen as desperate, she opens up about her personal life. This is a fantastic indicator that she’s becoming more and more comfortable with you, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that she likes you in a romantic way, but it’s a move in the right direction. So remember to take into consideration how long you guys have actually known each other if you’ve known her for a super long time, it’s only natural for her to have opened up about her life over time.

She’s copying your writing style and uses the words that you use now when we like someone, we often end up subconsciously, mimicking their mannerisms and you can normally spot this quite easily in a person if you’re looking for it. When it comes over text message, it will form of them using similar words and lengthy reply, see you like you have used with her. She texts you a lot. If someone is texting you throughout the night, then straight away again in the morning. Just to you know, keep that conversation going without really any reason.

Then it’s likely there was something there. The conversations don’t have any end points now. This is a super subtle sign to pick up on, but it’s golden. If someone doesn’t want to talk to you anymore, it’s very easy to just end messages in a way that doesn’t really require a reply, but if they’ll always format in their text in a way to encourage a reply from you, then you can be sure that she Is enjoying chatting with you a lot? She often initiates conversation if she’s, often initiating conversation with you just see what you’re up to or how you’re doing.

Then it’s fairly obvious that she likes you. She reaches out when she hasn’t heard from you in a while. If the two of you have gone through previous periods of messaging each other often and then stop for a while, she may well reach out to see what’s going on, and this could be an indicator that she misses your conversations and wants to get talking to you Again, it could be that she doesn’t want to miss out on that chance of actually having a relationship with you. There you go my lovely. You now have a big kind of memory bank full of things so check out for for the next time she taxes you.

I hope you’ve got the answer you wanted and I would love for you to tell me about your relationship down in the comments below until the next video give us a huge thumbs up subscribe to the channel and hit that cute little notification bell, and I will See you over the next video all the best to you, bye, bye,

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How To Message Girls On Instagram | Courtney Ryan

Instagram is one of the best ways to meet people these days, especially if you’re someone that is not a fan of dating apps. I actually know a couple of guys who have slid into girls dms and now have a girlfriend because of it. So it’s a great place to meet people, and if you do it right, you can be very successful. That said, we need to figure out how to text a girl for the first time on Instagram.


I’m going to be going over the best and most efficient ways to message a girl on Instagram and hopefully get a reply, but nothing is guaranteed. If I sat here and told you, if you say this, this and this you will 100 get a reply, I would be lying to you. There is no such thing a a guaranteed way to text a girl for the first time on Instagram. But there are things that work better than others and that is what we are going to learn.

I can give you guys the tools that you need. Some conversation starters the best way to get her to reply, but remember I am not a magician. Nothing is guaranteed. So, in addition to telling you guys what you should be doing, I’m also going to tell you guys what you should not be doing just as a little friendly reminder to help increase your chances.

Number one tip this is the secret sauce. This is the best advice I can give you. My number one tip on how to text a girl for the first time on Instagram is to respond to her story. This is, without a doubt, the best and most effortless way to start a conversation with someone, because you want the conversation to feel natural and easy and not super forced or like you’re, doing an introduction or something weird. So, in my experience, the guys that I have messaged back are always the ones that respond to my story. I will also say on instagram, there’s a feature where you can set up your messages so that if someone doesn’t follow you, it has to go through a message request before it even goes into your inbox. So this can be a challenge because sometimes it’s not in your primary or general message thread and you don’t see them and you have to actually manually go into your message request to see them....

This creates a challenge because she really might not see your message, which is frustrating, especially if she’s someone with a lot of followers. I have like 15 000 something – and I still have thousands of unread messages in my message request box. So keep in mind if you’re messaging a girl that has a ton of followers, this might create kind of a challenge. I’M going to give you guys the best tips I can, but keep that in mind.

It’s going to also depend on the girl that you’re messaging and how many messages she’s getting so in regards to responding to her story. So if she posts a photo at a coffee shop, maybe you guys live in the same city. You could respond to her story and say something like do you go there often? I’ve been looking for a new coffee place. That way she knows you live in the same city as her. She knows you like coffee, and maybe you could start a conversation about meeting up with her for coffee if she responds to you. So super easy way to start the conversation. That one is great for someone that lives in your city.

I know some of you guys are messaging girls in other countries and while I think you should totally shoot your shot and go for it and I never want to discourage you, I think your chances of getting a response and being able to start a good conversation with this girl is a lot lower, because the chance of meeting up with her or being romantically involved with her is a lot lower and long-distance relationships are a whole other challenge that i haven’t even talked about yet on this site. But I will definitely get into it because I’ve been in one in the past and it sucked just being totally honest with you guys. So I have a lot to say so again here.

If you live in the same city and she posts a story with the location that she’s at you could respond to her story and say: hey you’re in my neighborhood check out blank. They have the best blank, something that you’re recommending to her and even if she doesn’t live in the same city that you live in if she’s visiting somewhere that you’ve been before. You could say the same thing and just talk about somewhere that you’ve been, that you really enjoyed, and it would just get the conversation going. So the best advice I can give you here is to use what she’s posting as a way to start a conversation with her the same way. I tell you guys, when you’re on dating apps, to use her profile as uh kind of context clues as to what you should say to her.

The same thing goes for social media, so even if she posts a photo on her feed just messaging her something that ties into that is another great option too. Showing relatability and genuine curiosity is probably the best thing that you can do. You really don’t want your message to look like it’s just a copied and pasted thing that you send to every girl. So I would really recommend kind of zoning in on what she posted. Use your context clues and come up with something from there, and I think the examples I gave are great starting points, but you’re going to want to kind of add your own flair and make it your own personal message. I promise you this is going to guarantee a response much better than commenting on her latest selfie with five emojis like every other thirsty guy is doing. This is not going to do anything but make you look bad.

The best thing you can do is go straight to the dms when it comes to commenting on her photos. I think the best thing you can do is save that for after you guys have already met. If that happens, for you, I think if you do it before you’ve even met this girl, it can often look obsessive and you’re just going to blend in with every other guy that is doing the same exact thing. you are going to want to message her something like I said, responding to her story, that’s going to get you to the top of her inbox and make you stand out from all these other guys.

Next I’m going to be talking about some dming rules, so just going through my dms on instagram, I have so much advice and so many tips. A girl is going to get a lot more messages than a guy typically does, unless he’s famous or something or a celebrity, or something like that. So keep that in mind.

There’s a ton of do’s and don’ts here. So, stick with me. Don’t bombard her with messages. That’s not how to text a girl for the first time on Instagram. I’ve talked about this before on dating apps texting. The same rule goes for social media. If you’ve responded to her stories or you’ve messaged her more than once, I would really not send a ton more messages if she just hasn’t seen your thread yet when she finally gets to it, It’s just going to look obsessive because there’s going to be a ton of messages there. So keep that in mind. If you really are trying to have this girl notice you and get romantically involved with her you’re going to want to play it cool. I’m not saying play games or do anything psychological to get her attention. I really just think you don’t want to come across looking obsessive or like all you do is send her messages on Instagram. One or two is totally fine.

You could respond to two stories if she doesn’t open the first one. I think you could maybe get away with another one, but I would keep it at that.

It leads me into my next point here, which is don’t send inappropriate photos. I shouldn’t even have to say this: it’s sad that I do, but I promise you no random girl on instagram that you’ve never met before wants to see a photo of the southern region of your body or even a selfie. I don’t think you should send a photo of yourself at all, and especially not some photos of some other weird stuff that you’re into. That’s not how to text a girl for the first time on instagram you want to keep that for later on in the relationship. Once you already know this girl, not before she even met you. I think it’s okay to send her a post or something funny that you think might make her laugh.

But whatever you do, don’t send a dick pic, don’t send a selfie of yourself just really play cool guys. Send her a message if she doesn’t reply move on to the next one. I’m just going to reiterate this here. I feel like I need to say it again, because some of you just don’t get it never ever ever send a dick pic.

My last tip here is to stay in the present, so a lot of times guys will follow a girl on social media and then they’ll go through all of her photos. They will like every photo she’s ever posted, comment on old photos. Again it just creates this kind of obsessive look for you and, if you’re trying to get romantically involved with this girl, you think you might have a chance with this girl?

The last thing you want to do is come across as obsessive or like you’re creeping on her entire life. While you may very well go back and look through every photo, that’s fine! I do that when I follow someone on instagram, I look at what they were doing five years ago on July 21st, but you don’t like it and if you accidentally like it, you don’t then go through and like more of them. Just play it cool. This is one of those things that you think will get her attention because you’re going in liking an old photo. So in her notifications, it’s going to come up as something different, but the thing is that it doesn’t get her attention necessarily in a good way unless she is attracted to you from your profile photo.

So if she’s not right off the bat attracted to your profile photo, this is not going to work out for you and I know that’s harsh, but i’m just being so honest here. So like I said this might get her attention, but it’s probably going to be in a whoa, this guy just liked every single photo I’ve ever posted on here and that’s kind of weird kind of way, rather than uh. Oh, who is this kind of thing. So the best case scenario for you is to just respond to her story. Send her a dm and do things that way. A dm is more personal. It’s going to really just increase your chances of getting a reply from her.

So just to kind of round it all out, the best things you can do are, reply to her story, maybe send her something funny in her dms, send her a post from something else. If none of that works, I would say just move on and go for someone else, especially if you’re going for a girl that has a ton of followers and probably gets a ton of attention and messages from guys. I don’t want you guys to be wasting your time on one girl if you’ve tried and it’s not working. So, if you’re really really really not wanting to give up, you could try commenting on her photo and then see if she responds to the dms that you already sent her, but don’t keep dming her, don’t keep bombarding her.

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How to Ask A Girl to Hangout Over Text (STEAL THIS!)

So you’re texting the girl you like and you want to ask her to hangout… But if you’re like most guys, you’re probably doing the following: plotting the perfect way to ask her to hangout Waiting for (say this really sarcastically) “the right time” Stalking her social media and seeing if she has any plans so you can wait to ask her when she’s free Texting her everyday like she’s your fucking penpal and not making any sort of move Overthinking your situation and thinking your unique situation with the girl is special even though I promise you… iT’S NOT! Brooooo… it’s not that complicated.

Stop taking dating advice from your school friends who get no pussy. It’s simple, really. Like I’ve said before: Texting is a tool to setup dates.

One more time… say it with me! Texting is a tool to setup dates. You don’t need a fucking penpal. If you wanted a penpal you could just go on Omegle and talk about your feelings. Hmm, maybe don’t go on there… you’ll probably just end up with a penis pal instead of a penpal.

But regardless, if you want to ask a girl to hangout, here’s how you do it. Step 1: Send her an opening text. I usually start text conversations with something we talked about in the past. Maybe it’s a joke we made when I got her phone number, or if I’ve texted her before, I’ll mention something that we talked about in our previous conversation. I almost always avoid doing the “hey what’s up” conversation thing because it’s not romantically charged at all and is almost transactional.

It gives off all the wrong vibes. It shows the girl that you’re boring and don’t have anything interesting to say or add to conversation… leaving her to assume that you’d be boring and dry in person too. It’s not flirty or romantically charged AT ALL It also seems inauthentic because c’mon bro… do you really give a fuck about how her day is going? You’re just trying to get some pussy! You’re not fooling anyone!

So avoid doing that entirely. Instead do this. Step 2: Establish conversational banter. You want to create conversational banter that sets up a reason to hangout. The best way to do this is to establish some sort of inside joke between the two of you that relates to an activity.

If you followed step 1 correctly, this should be easy because it gives you a reason to start conversations in the future and it makes it easier to setup a date. I’ll put up an example on-screen now that shows a girl actually doing this to me. You’ll see she insinuates the hangout by saying it’s her birthday and she’s bored. I immediately took that as an opportunity to naturally ask her to hangout. Simply responding “Ok so let me fix that” and then inviting her to hangout.

Booom boys… another touchdown for the Basedlympian Army. You can set this up yourself by mentioning a really dope place that you like to eat at, mentioning a movie you wanna see, or literally anything.

In one of my recent videos you’ll see my manager did this in his text conversation by making the joke that he was an excellent dancer and he’d teach her to dance next time they hangout. Find something like that and incorporate it into your conversation with the girl and boom you’re ready for step 3. Step 3: Ask her to hangout.

This is the easy part. All you have to do is bring up the inside joke you guys have, and then setup the logistics of the date.. Aka just the time and place. That’s it.

Now if you know about my trick, The Hangout Test then you know what to do. Basically, ask her to hangout and if she gives an excuse or reason why she can’t just ask her again in a few days. If she rejects your invitation to hangout twice in a row, then you can safely move on because she’s probably not into you.

Unless she gives you a LEGIT ass excuse as in someone is dying or something. The reality is this: If a girl wants to hangout with you… she will find a way to hangout with you.

Or she will make the attempt to reschedule. Now if you’ve asked a girl to hangout twice and she rejects your offer you can implement what I like to call “The Last Line Trick.” Imagine you’re a fisherman, and you’ve sat out on your boat ALL day and you’ve caught nothing. This is the part where you throw your line out one last time to see if you catch anything. You say to the girl, “this is the last time i’m gonna ask, do you wanna hangout on X day and time?

” Or you say something like, “This is your last chance before I go full ghost, can you hangout on X day and time?” This doesn’t always work but it has a decent success rate and ends with the correct framing.

What you’re basically saying to the girl is that you’re a high value guy who values his time, and that if she’s not willing to meet you halfway, then you’re gonna move on and not waste time bullshitting with her. The next time you’re getting jerked around by a girl, try this out and let me know how this works for you.

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As found on YouTube

How to Text a Girl for the First Time and Create Attraction

...How to text a girl for the first time and create attraction? Hi, this is Melanie with beyond ages with some great new tips on how to text a girl for the first time and create attraction. Even if you’re not a beginner, there’s always something to improve on and it’s helpful to see things from a different perspective. Texting is something you’ll likely use with any girl that you meet. So it’s in your best interest to do it right, especially when it comes to the all-important first text. We’re going to assume that you already have the number of a woman that you’re interested in and that you’re looking to get started on the right foot. So, to start anything, there are two things you need to remember before even picking up the phone to send that first text. Keeping these in mind to start will help boost your confidence and put you on the right path.

Number one she’s already a little interested. First, you must recognize that if you have her number to begin with she’s already a little interested. While there’s a slim chance she may have given it to you out of politeness, in most cases, a woman will only give you her number if she’s at least mildly interested. Consider it a win, even if there’s still work to do it’s much easier to engage a woman who’s already interested than it is to try and convince a woman who isn’t sold on you after making your first impression. Assume there’s some attraction in place to begin with, and you have an easier time moving forward.

Number two shed the anxiety. Texting a woman for the first time often induces some anxiety. It’s normal to feel a bit nervous, especially if she’s an attractive woman. It means that you’re not settling for less than you deserves and, if you’re nervous to send that first text or endlessly contemplating what you should send take a deep breath, use some mindful meditation practices that focus around breathing to help you shut that anxiety or at least calm down.

We’ll try one now, focus on your breathing here and take slow, consistent, breaths, no pausing, slowing or speeding up. Are you ready, breathe in for a count of four: one, two, three, four. Breathe out for a count of six: one, two, three, four, five, six. Breathe in for a count of eight: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and breathe out for a count of six: one, two, three, four, five, six. Good, focus on your breath and how it feels going in and how it feels coming out. The coolness as it enters your nose, how your chest lowers as you exhale. Focus on getting even, consistent, breaths each time for a minute or two. This will help take you out of your head and focus on the present. Now that you’re in the right mindset you can get down to business.

Here’s where you pick up the phone and craft a good first text to create attraction. Number three start where you left off. A great way to start texting is to immediately pick up where your last conversation ended. You likely initially met on an online dating site or out around town. You probably didn’t get her number simply by walking up to her and asking for it. A conversation prior that conversation got you in the door to get the digits in the first place, so build on that. Use it as a reminder of why she gave you her number to begin with.

Number four: don’t make blatant mistakes. The most important thing to know about texting a girl for the first time is to avoid blatant mistakes. The first message you should send a woman should be very casual, direct and to-the-point. Sending a long-winded message or pushing a conversation from the get-go is incredibly overwhelming in most cases and would likely harm your chances with her. You can say things like hey Melanie, it’s Mike.

Number five; make the first text easy to reply to. Now that you know the main mistakes to avoid you can focus on sending the crucial first text. Moreover, it’s imperative that you don’t overthink it. Any attempt to embellish your first message might be seen as an overeager attempt, which would possibly turn her off. Regarding your first message, less is more, keep it simple and give her something to work off of.

A couple examples of this would be: hey Emily, It’s John. It was nice to meet you yesterday. hey Emily guess who? As you can see the context behind how you got her number, will change the tone of your first message. The last example implies that you just got her number. This is a good message to send a few minutes after getting a woman’s number through online dating she may even play along if there was a good-humoured vibe in your initial conversation. With the other messages, you’re essentially fishing for that first reply, because you can begin a Conversation once she’s a little bit more invested.

If you attempt to kick start a conversation with her instantly with your first message, you’d be making the common mistake that we mentioned before.

Number 6; Create some magnetic attraction. Creating attraction through text message is a process and it begins with the first text when you start the conversation on a high note. You’re putting yourself in a great position to escalate from there keep the interaction playful tease her whenever you can get her talking about herself And pay attention when she asks you questions, because it’s a strong indicator of interest. Soon enough you’ll be in a good position to ask her out.

So there you have it now, you can text a woman like a pro make sure you leave a comment below and subscribe for more great tips and pointers.

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Clear Signs A Girl Likes You Over Text

Girl likes you over textSo your texting with a girl you like but it’s hard to be sure over text if she feels the same. In this video I’ll give you clear signs a girl likes you over text. There are many signs a girl likes you through text. However it can be difficult to know for sure. Is she just naturally friendly or is she really into you.

She’d text you frequently but when you ask her to hang out with you suddenly she’s busy. What went wrong? I hear you. Learning these signals will help you figure out if she’s actually into you or if (God forbid) she’s just being polite.

#1 She uses a lot of emoticons.

If she includes a lot of emojis in her texts she might be into you. This is her trying to show her body language by using emoticons. Sometimes you would notice where they outnumber the words themselves.

Don’t be afraid, the more the better.

#2 She replies immediately.

For us guys when we like a girl, we take time before hitting that send button. Because we don’t wanna look desperate. But if a girl likes you over text, she would reply within a minutes or even faster after you’ve sent your text.

#3 Double texting.

Have you ever wished the girl you like texts you like this? I like you, can we hang out? I’m sorry but it wont happen, cause most girls wouldn’t put their emotions out in the open out of fear of being rejected. Trust me they are as much as afraid as we are. Instead they would try to be more subtle by double texting you. Double texting is when she sends you another text even though you haven’t replied to her previous one.

This isn’t when she sends you a barrage of texts, but when her last text was quite some time ago.

#4 She sends you her photo.

Did she just send you her picture without you asking for it? It’s a clear sign that a girl likes you over text. Girls wouldn’t just send anyone her picture when someone asks.

And If it’s a selfie then you’re totally in. Because a selfie more personal, therefore shows more interest. She wants you to know how she looks NOW. So find a way to compliment her or tease her a bit, both are ways to start flirting.

#5 She texts you at wee hours.

No matter how mundane the text is, if she texts you late at night, it’s a sign she’s flirting over text.

Remember its not the message, its when she sends it.

#6 She updates her picture mid text.

Girls know that being too blunt about their feelings might scare you off. If she could have it her way, she’d send you her cutest picture anytime she wants even when you’re not texting. But that would make her look creepy. So what she would do is change her profile picture while you two are texting. Unless she’s also texting with another dude, I hope not, that photo is for you

#7 She spells her word in a cute way.

When you’re looking for attraction signs in texting, the more the better.

But what if she sends you short messages? Can you still find subtle clues she likes you? If she uses extra vowels, all capital letters, punctuation marks, it shows she’s trying to get your attention.

#8 She sends you virtual laughs.

Remember the more emotions she shows the better.

Texts like LOL, LMAO, and HAHA are signs she’s having fun. Although she might not be actually laughing her ass out in real life, the fact that she wants you to know you’re funny is a sign she likes you.

#9 She texts you first.

Here’s possibly one of the best signs a girl likes you. Girls prefer being texted first, so if she initiates the conversation, it’s a huge signs she’s showing interest.

#10 She teases you.

Did you know that teasing is actually one of the best signs a girl likes you over text? Most guys would find this negatively but when a girl teases you, she’s showing interest. It’s a sign that she’s comfortable with you and knows you’re okay with it. Teasing elicits an emotional response and she wants to evoke attention and emotion from you.

So when she gives you a nickname in text, try to tease her back.

Teasing each other back is basically flirting.

#11.She texts you as soon as you are online.

Do you think it’s a coincidence that she texts you as soon as you pop online?

Most likely its not. If she likes you she’d grab that opportunity because she’s hoping she might get a reply right away. And plus it’s a sign she’s on the lookout if you are online.

#12 She asks stuff about your personal life.

If you’re texting about casual topics you’re already in but if she goes on to ask you more personal questions then she’s serious about being more than just friends.

She doesn’t just wants to keep you engaged by asking what your goals are, she wants to know how she can fit into your life.

#13 She pries around your love life.

Many girls wouldn’t text you direct questions like “are you seeing someone?’. She would rather beat around the bush by texting about other girls to gauge your reaction.

She wants to know what turns you on or puts you off. If you currently have a girlfriend she wouldn’t ask you how you two are doing, that would be too obvious, and instead she would ask how your girlfriend is doing. This question has two agendas. One, she’s hoping you’d open about what you like on a girl. And second if you’re not romantically tied to anyone.

#14 She asks you out.

This is the ultimate give away. You might say its too obvious but many guys wouldn’t still be sure if this is a screaming sign she likes you. If you two have a common friend she would likely make that person a third wheel just to be with you..

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Things To Text A Girl To Keep Her Interested

Things to text a girl you like

Believe it or not flirt texting is an important part of attracting women in today’s age of technology. If you haven’t already developed a viable texting strategy for girls that you want to date now is the time to do so. Knowing how to text girls you like can very easily improve your success rate with girls for several reasons. To start with, it will make it easier to connect with a girl that you have only just met. Here is some light hearted but relevant humor on texting girls: Texting Girls and TEXTING GIRLS 101 – COLLEGE COURSE


“Having a hard time thinking of what to text girls? How to respond? What do you say first? Let me break it down for ya! Share this video here:…”

That video is fun but there are a lot of serious elements to it and best of all it has a lot of really good tips on how to text girls and especially on things to text a girl to keep her interested. Let’s break it down:

1. What if she doesn’t text you back? Video says she don’t like you. In other words move on. There are many fishes in the sea why obsess over one?
2. When is the best time to send her the first text? A girl has tons of guys sending her all kinds of text all the time. What you need to do is be different, be creative and you will be the one with the goods.
3. Don’t confess your undying love after the first date…or anytime for that matter. Keep it simple!
4. Don’t get too sexual too quickly. It is OK to get sexual but only after you are sure that the girl you are texting is into that kind of thing and the only way to find out is to get into it gently.

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How To Text A Girl You Like Examples

How to text a girl you like exampleTexting girls can be an effective way to get a meet or even seduce a girl that you just met…but only if you know the correct way to text a girls you like. According to Tripp of the first thing to do is to identify your goal before you start texting a girl. The idea being that if you don’t know what your goal is you are going to end up spending time exchanging text with a girl that leads nowhere. In this video, Tripp advice gives some great examples of how to text a girl you like:

How To Text A Girl You Like (steal these text examples!)

Apart from what to text a girl you just met, there are some other things to learn from this video and here are a few that come to mind:

  1. Don’t wait too long before texting a girl after you got her number because if she is half decent other guys will be interested and giving her their numbers too.
  2. Make sure that you are fun and interesting. Don’t be boring, generic or predictable. You are never going to get the success that you want from women by being any of those things.
  3. Take risks. Have you ever heard the saying “if don’t buy a ticket you are not going to win the lottery. Getting women is exactly the same thing. A lot of guys miss out on grate opportunities to get the girl that they like simply because they procrastinate too much.
  4. Whenever you are texting a girl you like, try not to forget the fundamental rules of texting girls. Firstly, don’t overuse emoticons. Secondly, don’t over text. Thirdly, avoid the temptation to get to know a girl over text. Your goal should always be to use text to get a meet as soon as possible so that you can charm the girls with some proper seduction material.

How to text A girl For The First Time

The first text message to a girl you just met is essential because it could be the difference between her wanting to see you again or not. Consequently it is important that you understand how to text a girl for the first time. Send the wrong text message and that will be the end of that romance whereas the proper and well thought out text message will have the girl dying to meet up with you again. In this video you are going to learn what to text a girl after getting her number. How To Text A Girl For The First Time and 3 Examples of First Texts to Girls – Components of a Good First Text to a Girl

3 Examples of First Texts to Girls – Components of a Good First Text to a Girl

“ ◅◅◅◅◅ grab your FREE “7 Deadly Texting Mistakes” PDF report. Learn more effective first texts to a gi…”

To Recap:

• State your name in your opening text
• Give value, don’t be boring
• Be playful
• Be flirty
• Don’t text for hours

That video contained a lot of useful information about how to text to a girl for the first time and will improve the success rate of any average guy with women. However if you really want to take things to the next level and master how to text a girl you like, you need something a bit more detailed and with a few more examples than a YouTube video will allow. Luckily Bobby Rio and Rob Judge of Magnetic Messaging fame have developed such a programme. It is regarded in the seduction circle as the ultimate guide to seducing girls with texts. Rather than give a limited account of what Magnetic Messaging system is all about, a better idea will be to visit the home page itself. Click Here to see magnetic Messaging!

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