How To Keep A Conversation Going With A Girl

.How to keep conversation going with a girlStarting a conversation and maintaining an engaging conversation are two different things. The starting part is really nothing more than getting a woman’s attention. Once most men realize this, starting conversations becomes easy. The hard part is keeping her attention.

In this post were going to be taking a look at 10 key factors that will help you maintain an engaging conversation with any woman you choose.

Talk With Energy:

Most men are so nervous that they mumble, talk in a low tone or too high pitch, and seem sad to be talking to her. Your aim should be to bring some energy to her life. The idea is to bring her up. Don’t be one of those guys who bring her down.

Don’t Dominate The Conversation:

Have you ever been in one of those conversations where the other person never seems to shut up? It makes it hard for you to voice your own thoughts. Doesn’t it? It almost makes you seem like you can’t get away from them because they never shut up! Watch her carefully to see if she has anything to say. Watch her carefully to see if she is bored or wants to get away. This helps keep the conversation open.

Ask Questions:

Open-ended questions work best. But you don’t always have to use open-ended questions. Sometimes just saying “really?” “what was that like?” will get her to give up more information.

Talk About What She Likes:

Everybody’s favourite topic is themselves. If you only talk about what interest you, then the conversation will only be about you. Talk about her first. When she is ready she will ask you plenty of questions about yourself with lots of interest on her part.

Get Her To Teach You:

When the conversation is on something you know nothing about don’t fake that you do know something. What you do is get her to teach you more about that topic. Ask questions, tell her to explain things, get her to demonstrate, and so forth.

Be Interesting:

This has as much to do with not being boring as it does as being interesting. The more you talk about her the more interesting you will be. The more you relate to her, the more you talk to her about her fantasizes, and the more you mix it up with some humor the better.

Use Your Body Language:

If you enjoy talking to her you can use your body language to encourage her to keep talking. Allot of guys now of days like to lean away from a woman. But..if you really enjoy talking to her leaning in a little bit after she has started talking will show her you like what you hear.

Adjust To The Environment:

Normal conversation is rarely good enough if you are at a party or club. You need some energy, humor, fun, and even be comfortable with your sexuality. If a girl is wearing something that reveals her boobs you might say..”If I didn’t know any better I would think that shirt was designed to get me to look at your boobs.” That sounds almost too forward, but when done correctly you will get a surprising response from her. This sort of thing can help initiate the flirting.

Enjoy Her, But Don’t Workshop Her:

One of the things you have to be careful with is trying to become too agreeable. This is when you start changing your opinions and values so that you can be more like her. Don’t be afraid to disagree. You just have to do it in the right way.

Challenge Her:

This shows a woman that you have some guts. If she is wearing big glasses that make her stand out you could say “I hate it when people wear certain things just to stand out.” See how she responds to that. There is nothing wrong with ruffling a few feathers and getting under skin. You can be certain that she will do it to you.
If you can integrate some of what is taught here you should be able to have more success with your conversations