How to Talk to Girls (and Get Her to Like You) – Say THIS and She WILL Chase You HARD!

Gentlemen, today we’re showing you not only how to talk to girls… But how to talk to them in a way that’ll get them to actually like you. Ever spot an attractive girl that you’d love to say hello to, Only to have some other guy swoop in before you could make a move?

Well, we’re going to show you how to talk to any girl with these 10 surefire tricks. And to make sure you’re the one chatting up all the single girls while the other guys stand on the sidelines watching – and not the other way around. We’re going to show you the #1 thing guys do in their initial approach that always turns girls away.

Alright, let’s get after it. 10.

Hello, Goodbye Want to know how to make a woman like you in 5 seconds? Try this simple, proven trick: Just compliment her and walk away. Sound too easy? Here’s why it works: First, it shows her your interested and leaves her smiling and feeling good. But it also breaks down any of her concerns that you’re just another guy looking to hook up.

The act of you walking away gives her some time to mull over your unusual, yet interesting tactics .

And here’s the kicker: It makes you more mysterious, which will make her want to get to know you more when you come back around.

9. Get Her Talking Okay, this might sound a little counterintuitive, But this is one of the most effective tricks to talk to a girl. And all you have to do is keep your mouth shut and listen (and ask her questions about herself).

If you can get her talking and keep her talking about herself, Then you can systematically break down all the subconscious barriers she was using to keep you at a safe distance, And what will undoubtedly take its place is a growing feeling of trust and connection to… You guessed it. You, big guy!

8. Be Real We all want to be liked, it’s a totally natural human quality.

But unfortunately, wanting to be liked can cause you to take on qualities that don’t come naturally to you. That’s why everyone you’ve ever asked for relationship advice has to told you to be yourself. Faking it just doesn’t work.

Think about the possibilities: Best case scenario, you fool the girl with a fake personality and have to keep pretending forever. Worst case scenario, she can tell you’re putting on an act and is immediately turned off. Actually, there is no “best case.” Those both sound terrible. So while you might want to be a little more outgoing than normal, be true to yourself when you talk to a girl you like.

It’s the best way to find common ground and spark a real connection.

7. Into the Rabbit Hole One of the most important aspects of talking to a girl is called “active listening.

” And if you’re wondering how to make any girl fall in love with you, it’s exactly what you need to do.

Here’s how: While a girl is talking to you, make mental notes of the things she says. You’ll have to give her your full attention and you should definitely ask follow-up questions. After that, all you have to do is follow up on the things she said earlier in the conversation. It’s surprisingly simple to employ active listening, especially if you really like the girl.

And the best part? Her ears will perk up like a rabbit’s because she’ll realize you’re actually paying attention to what she’s saying, And it’ll open up a rabbit hole of endless conversation; So go ahead and dive in.

6. Come Prepared. Part of the reason talking to girls is so hard, on top of all the nerves and pressure, is because so many people have so little to say! I mean think about it.

We spend most of our day filling our brains with ads, status updates, memes, and YouTube videos Which is great and all, but not much to keep a conversation going with. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to describe a meme to someone, but it never works out well. If you want to have good conversations, you’ve got to have some interesting stuff to talk about!

Read a book, listen to a podcast, watch a documentary, or go out and do something amazing. Just find something that interests you and use it to make yourself the most interesting man girls will ever meet. You’ll always have something to talk about if you need it, and as your interests and knowledge get broader and broader, You’ll be able to make more and more connections, and relate to more and more women. See? Talking to girls isn’t so hard.

But don’t go anywhere yet because We still have 5 more tricks to talk to girls, plus one of the easiest ways to ruin your chances.

Alright, let’s get back to it with #5.

5. You’ve Been Here Before During your initial approach to a girl, there’s always going to be some amount of anxiety. But the critical thing to remember is that you’re already a pro.

Think about it… You approach unfamiliar girls all the time without thinking twice about it. Your local barista, the bank teller, the bartender – they’re all strangers that you approach on a regular basis.

So here’s one of the psychological flirting tricks to make flirting easier: Convince your brain that the girl you’re about to chat up is no different than the cute cashier at the coffee shop you interact with everyday. All the pressure to perform will slip away, your tongue will come untied, and you’ll realize you’ve been preparing for this moment your whole life.

You know how to smile like a human person, you know how to look someone in the eye, and you might even know how to tell a joke. Just remember to ask her for her number, and NOT an Americano.

4. Don’t Get Too Fancy It’s no secret that talking to a cute girl can be ridiculously stressful, And according to Harvard Health Publishing, stress and anxiety can actually prevent the brain from retrieving information. That’s why it’s so easy to fumble your words when you’re talking to a pretty girl. So instead of going for the alley oop, stick to the layup with these three easy steps: 1) Say hello, 2) Introduce yourself, and 3) Ask her a question. No matter how tongue-tied you might be, you can’t forget how to say “hello”, And you know your name, right? The only stumbling block is the question.

But don’t worry ‘cause we’ve got that covered, too. Wondering what are the best questions to ask a girl you like? Check out this vid.

3. Pace Yourself Knowing how to talk to girls is a skill that takes time and practice, And building sexual tension – one of the key components of flirting – takes even longer to master.

Think about it… If you move too quickly or aggressively when flirting with a girl, you’ll definitely creep her out. But.

.. If you pace yourself and sprinkle in a little flirtation here and there, You’ll slowly and successfully build the sexual tension.

And the thing is, you’re occasionally going to come on too strong. So give yourself an edge with these 7 psychologically proven flirting techniques.

2. Pull, Don’t Push. All the nerves guys feel when they approach a girl can sometimes cause them to over-correct. And just like a car cutting across traffic, they cross all kinds of boundaries, miss every possible signal, and make people around them try and get some distance. So get rid of all that pressure and force yourself to remember that the purpose of talking to girls is to have fun.

If you can keep it light and focus more on having a good time than on playing a game or trying to impress, The conversation will flow and it will feel like you’ll never run out of things to say. Some sparks might even start to fly.

And if you do everything correctly, she’ll be pulled towards you because you can have fun together, not because you pushed your personality on her.

1. Be a Mathematician Okay, guys. Pull out your TI-83 Plus and consider this: Your probability of achieving any particular outcome (like getting a girl to like you) greatly increases when you narrow down the possible choices..

So if you know the signs a woman wants to be approached, Then you can significantly reduce the risk of rejection. Now, we’ve said it before, and we’re saying it again…

The 2 most important signs to look for are prolonged eye contact and smiling. If you can check off both of those boxes, then you can be absolutely sure its safe to approach. The #1 Thing Guys Do that Guarantees Rejection Alright, here it is. The 1 thing that – when talking to girls – will result in an epic fail every single time.

Guys give off countless hints that the only thing they’re interested in is hooking up, And a pickup line is one of the most obvious.

That’s because a pickup line signals two very important things to a girl: 1) You’re interest in her is not genuine and whatever you’re saying is probably not sincere, And 2) You’re not as witty as you think you are. So it’s best to avoid the pickup line approach and think of something more clever to say. Those are the 10 ways of how to talk to girls (and get her to like you) and the one way to definitely turn her off.

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