10 Best Compliments To Give A Girl You Like

Okay, so you love her, you are in love with her. You want to tell her. She is the most beautiful woman in the world. You just want to express everything you got inside of you, or maybe you just saw a pretty girl that walked by you want to compliment her. You don’t know how to do it either way.

Your boy has you covered, of course, giving you the exact compliments on how you should be complimenting a girl. See if you do it wrong, you are going to be a simp, a simpleton like the rest of the guys that are in her DMS already and she’s just going to ignore you right, you’re just going to fuel her ego, she’s not going to fall in love with you or you’re going to look like a 40 year old creeper, commenting on her Instagram post or and if you ignore her completely and don’t do it at all, she won’t even know you exist. You want to be right in the middle. You want to be that you want to deliver that right.

Compliment that’s going to spark interest and sexual attraction in her. That is what we are going to give you today. Let’s go:

1. You’re not like everyone else.

Oh man, so you just got to tell her the things she wants to hear see. Women fall in love through their ear and when you tell her that she’s unique bro come on, it’s going to be like butter in your hand. The way I see it is that this one’s super subtle. You are not saying, oh my god, you’re so sexy, you’re so beautiful. That’s corny!

No, no, no you’re, saying you’re different right! You’re not like everybody else. This is subtle, but it plants a seed that could blossom into a romantic relationship if you water it right.

2. You have a lovely smile

Keep in mind that these are compliments and not pickup lines, meaning you’re not just going to drop it without any context and expect this girl to Just koala bear hug you and it’s just a merry day.

No, no! No! That’s the mistake most guys make, which is why it’s cringy. Instead, when you guys are vibing everything’s gucci, you guys are having a good time and you guys are laughing, you drop her that your smile is beautiful or your smile makes my day now.

3. You’ve got nice eyes, nice lips, nice teeth or nice hair.

You just want to say anything other than her body or her dump truck that the girl carries on with her. See, every time you just compliment her on her body or how beautiful she is like, this is a compliment that she gets a million times a day. So when you say she’s completely unfazed by it you’re one of the other ones, it just doesn’t move them at all, but slightly, but slightly tweaking it to something specific, a characteristic that really makes her stand out that’s going to catch her attention.

4. God, You’re so attractive

Again, this is like the smile one. It’s not a pickup line. It’s a compliment. Don’t just walk up to her and be like god, you’re so attractive. You’ll be a creep. There’s no context. She doesn’t even know you bro, but instead, when you guys are actually in a conversation, it doesn’t even have to be a first date that she’s really spilling about her goals and her ambitions and her dreams. When the conversation’s deep, drop the god you’re so attractive. And then just watch how she reacts: she’s going to realize that you’re not seeing her as physically attractive, but you find her mind sexy and that that’s going to catch her off guard.

5. I love that place.

I love that place. What do you think about, question Mark?

Okay? I know not a direct compliment, but a great way to kind of slide into the dm, so you don’t want to be the loser that’s freaking commenting emojis emojis on her page, like the other 140 year old creepers that are on her comments. You don’t want to be that dude. Instead find something that’s relatable experience eg food, something that she’s done or said, or something about her – that you’ve also done that you both can connect with and then proceed to open a conversation with that. So let’s say she went to tulum, but you also went to tulum. That’s when you’re like yo, I love that place. They do try out question mark whatever place that you know is popular there. That way, you guys can develop a conversation about something you guys already have in common and it’s a more genuine way that I guarantee you will get you more responses.

6. Just when I think I know you you surprise me.

This is great for Instagram, text, DM or even in person, especially after she’s talking about herself – and she might have said something that made her look a bit cooler. Maybe she just went skydiving or she got her new job whatever it is. When she tells you something that she’s proud of drop this line, it’s a genuine compliment that she’s really going to appreciate. number seven.

7. I can’t put my finger on it

I can’t put my finger on it, but you got this attractive, cool vibe about you. This is great for a girl you just met that you just started talking with her, whether it’s online or in person and it’s a great way to kind of like test the waters. Just dip your toe in and see how she reacts to your compliment. If she doesn’t push back and she giggles a little bit, maybe gets a little bit closer. That’s a positive response, you’re good to go!

This girl is probably liking you. If she pushes back a little bit, maybe makes a cringe face or is a little reserved. Maybe you’re moving a little bit too fast. You should pull back and definitely don’t go deeper with the compliments.

And that’s basically it for this week’s post guys. Those are seven ways to compliment a girl.

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