How to text A girl For The First Time

The first text message to a girl you just met is essential because it could be the difference between her wanting to see you again or not. Consequently it is important that you understand how to text a girl for the first time. Send the wrong text message and that will be the end of that romance whereas the proper and well thought out text message will have the girl dying to meet up with you again. In this video you are going to learn what to text a girl after getting her number. How To Text A Girl For The First Time and 3 Examples of First Texts to Girls – Components of a Good First Text to a Girl

3 Examples of First Texts to Girls – Components of a Good First Text to a Girl

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To Recap:

• State your name in your opening text
• Give value, don’t be boring
• Be playful
• Be flirty
• Don’t text for hours

That video contained a lot of useful information about how to text to a girl for the first time and will improve the success rate of any average guy with women. However if you really want to take things to the next level and master how to text a girl you like, you need something a bit more detailed and with a few more examples than a YouTube video will allow. Luckily Bobby Rio and Rob Judge of Magnetic Messaging fame have developed such a programme. It is regarded in the seduction circle as the ultimate guide to seducing girls with texts. Rather than give a limited account of what Magnetic Messaging system is all about, a better idea will be to visit the home page itself. Click Here to see magnetic Messaging!

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