12 Best Places to Meet Beautiful Women (With little competition)

I hate to break it to man, but most guys are doing this dating thing all wrong. You see someone once told me that the worst place to sell a book is actually a bookstore. Now, I don’t even know if that’s true or not but it’s definitely true when it comes to meeting women. Going to bars, clubs are trying to meet women online, then you’re competing with every other guy there. Instead why not make meeting women a whole lot easier by going to places with little or no competition.

My name is Matt artisan from The Attractive Man, and these are my favorite places to meet hot single women.

Now just hear me out… if you ask any successful business how they find customers they do it in a very specific way so that they can target the demographic that is most likely to be compatible and of course want to buy their product. You need to view dating the exact same way, and if you do this, you’ll start meeting and dating the women that you actually want.

So what is your target demographic? You need to have a clear picture of what type of woman you want to date.

For example, probably shouldn’t go looking for women in bars and clubs if you’re not even into party girls. So first ask yourself these questions – what age range should she be? Do you wanna party animal type girl or do you want a girl that’s a little bit more classier?

Maybe a bit of both? Do you want an attractive girl that plays sports? What level of education should she have? Are you a gym rat or a health nut? Well maybe she should be, too.

When you understand the qualities of your ideal girl this will help you find exactly where she hangs out.

Now that being said, some of the following locations will probably appeal to you while some of the others may not, but before I give you my list of my favorite places, you need to know this. One of the biggest logistical factors to help you meet more women is to optimize your lifestyle, what I mean by that is to purposely live in neighborhoods filled with the women that you want to meet, this way we’ll see them just way more often and will be a lot easier to meet them. This will drastically improve the amount of women that you meet on a regular basis, for example when I turned eighteen I moved to Newport beach California world walking distance to the beach has lots of women, and lots of bars and clubs, then ten years later I moved to Las Vegas and I live in the heart of the city center which is crazy.

I don’t recommend anybody do it but I can walk to all the bars all the clubs the strip, there’s drunk girls everywhere ,and you know walk out of my house and drunk girls sometimes fall on my feet.

I kid you not. And now I live in Manila in the Philippines and the condo that I’m in right now is attached to a mall. I don’t even have to go outside to get to the mall, where I can meet girls there and is a club twenty meters away from the entrance of my condo, so obviously that makes meeting women a lot easier plus it’s a piece of cake to get girls to come back to my place.

Anyways let’s get into my list of my top twelve favorite places to meet single women. Number twelve – yoga classes and festivals.

Especially good if you love athletic and flexible girls, and who doesn’t like that! Usually these girls are really into health, nature, energy work, like contra shocker clearing and different forms of self development, definitely winners in my book. By the way, self development courses like PSI, landmark, Tony Robbins, usually have more women than men I’m not really sure why.

Number eleven is – bars, clubs, and lounges. Now I know I said this is not a great option because of all the competition, but if you make sure that you go to venues that you actually enjoy instead of just going to ones that you don’t like just because there’s a lot more cute girls then you actually do pretty well because you’re really enjoying yourself.

For example, I really like rock bars even though you know popular trendy dance club is gonna have a lot more pretty girls.

I’m gonna do better at the rock bar because I’m gonna be having a better time in those only like two or three girls. I’m probably gonna get them into me because they’re gonna enjoy my vibe.

Number ten is a dog park. Have a dog?

Then go here. Approaching there will be much easier because you immediately have something in common. One of my favorite openers for a girl with a dog that I got from my good friend Vince Calvin is: “Wow! What a cute owner you have.” Number nine – health food stores.

Do you buy groceries? Well she probably does too especially if she is health conscious. So trial whole foods or really any health food store. In my experience health food stores have a lot more pretty girls and say, Walmart or Target or like a Piggly wiggly..

. do those even exist anymore? Number eight – coffee shops. Do you like to read or maybe work from your laptop? Well then do it from a popular coffee shop because for some reason how women love Starbucks.

But I recommend just hang out for a couple hours at a popular copy shop and you sit were all the people pass by on the street, and when you see a pretty lady shut your laptop and run after her, make sure to take your laptop with you I don’t want to get that **** stolen. And you see a pretty girl in the Starbucks that you’d like to meet, if she’s busy reading or working on her laptop make sure to acknowledge the reality. Acknowledge what she’s doing say something like “Hey real quick, I know you’re reading but I just wanted to come over and introduce myself. Hi.” Number seven is the Gym.

Hot women usually work out so find a gym where all the hot girls attend. Now keep in mind that a girl at the gym is not there to chit chat usually so keep it short and to the point.

12 Best Places to Meet Beautiful Women (With little competition)

Use our super simple – compliment, qualify, close process to make her deeply attracted to you in just a few minutes. I’ll leave a link down in the description of a video that I shot when approaching a girl at Gold’s gym with the three sixty camera that I’m literally holding right here, speaking of other videos, make sure to subscribe to our channel man if you’re not already subscribed because we have a lot of awesome videos coming out and make sure to click that bell icon so that you can get notified when we release a new video. Number six is cooking classes.

Yep, most cooking classes the women outnumber the men and of course that’s a great scenario when the women outnumber the men because the all star fighting over you. Number five is music festivals or concerts. If you love music as much as I do then this is definitely your spot. Large music festivals have tons of women and they’re all looking to have a good time so to win her over just focus on having fun.

Before I started really learning and studying how to approach women, I used to meet a lot of women in bars on the head rock bands or you know big concerts and I usually just go up to her and say “Hey you know which band this is?

You know the name of this band? You know which band is playing first?? or just something like that, “Are you big fan of this band?” someone has to do with the band. I mean it’s pretty easy and worked.

Number four is shopping malls. We do a lot of our boot camp the shopping centers in shopping malls so I have a lot of experience with this one, and if you like a girl that dresses nice, man who doesn’t like that? Then you can be sure that she frequents malls. The best time to go usually the weekends like Saturday mornings or sometimes even Sunday afternoons.

Number three is the park. I actually know a girl who told me that she really love a guy to approach her while she’s running… this is actually kind of a surprise to me, but yeah.

I guess it makes sense that she likes to run and she’d probably like to meet a guy who likes to run, so you runners you know what to do.. And there’s other activities besides running. At popular parks you’ll find women doing all sorts of different activities. Number two is the beach.

Sunny beaches are loaded with beautiful women in bikinis getting her tan on and the thing is that most guys are way too intimidated to approach a girl in a bikini.

So by approaching her you’ll stand out from all the other cowards. I also have a league down in the description that shows a video on how to meet girls specifically at the beach plus the people are pretty much always in a good mood at the beach so we’re probably going to get a good reaction from her versus meeting a girl who maybe just got off work and had a really bad day. Number one is a college campus. Even if you aren’t in college, even if you’re in your thirties or forties, this is by far my favorite place to meet women because it’s a target rich environment.

*This is what I call a target rich environment.* Matt: Full of young, educated women who are usually pretty eager to socialize, you know, think about it….

When you’re in college you’ll want to meet people you don’t have that many friends maybe you’re from a different city, or different state, or even different country, they don’t know that many people. So just visit your local university and go for a walk on campus or visit a cafe on campus and the strike up conversations and listen and I have a free Conversation Cheat Sheet that shows you exactly how to do that and I put a link of it down in the description.

Now you might be afraid that she’ll ask you “Why the heck are you there?” especially if you’re a little bit older. First of all, they almost never ask.

If she does, just tell her that you’re taking a walk, which is true, or that you like the coffee shop nearby, which is probably true, or just make it true… go visit there and try the coffee hopefully it doesn’t suck, or that you have a friend there if it’s true. Or just come clean and say that you don’t like meeting women at bars and clubs, and you prefer to meet them in normal everyday environments, because they’re not so drunk and sloppy.

You’d actually be surprised at how many women love that type of answer. Now here’s a bonus one – meetup groups. Join meetup groups or other groups in your city that you enjoy, such as hiking or wine meet up groups.

You’ll find other women with the same hobbies so you’ll immediately have something in common, and have, you know, a little bit of a connection in something to talk about. So check out Meetup.

com for all sorts of different events and meet up groups in your city. I one time saw a ghost hunter meetup group, that might be an interesting day. But what if you’re really into something that’s not really all that girl friendly? Such is like video games, or shooting guns, or MMA fighting, once a even if you’re at a video game convention, or gun convention, or MMA fight, even if it is like ninety five percent men and only five percent women, still approach those women, because there’s a good chance that they might be they’re just trying to find guys and most guys are still gonna be too intimidated and afraid to approach them.

Now even if you weren’t in your favorite environment, for example, you just see a random beautiful woman walking down the street, make sure you approach her because even though you don’t have any idea like about her interests because there’s no context to that situation, you can still easily find out so take advantage of all opportunities.

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