How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text


how to flirt with a girl over textWe have come to depend on technology for most of what we do today and texting is one of them. We use texting for all forms of communication including attracting and seducing women. Most importantly, flirting. If you don’t know how to flirt with a girl over text then you are missing out on one of the most effective tools for attracting women ever invented. If you haven’t yet learnt how to flirt with a girl over text, don’t worry, it is a skill that can be learned by any man and here are some basic guides The first thing to remember if you want to learn how to flirt with a girl over text without being obvious is that flirting through texting girls is way more different compared to flirting face to face. When people flirt face to face, they use various types of subtleties, such as body language and voice tone to communicate what they mean. These differences should be borne in mind when considering how to flirt with a girl over text irrespective of whether it is a girl you just met or one that you already know.

Text flirting starts with a tight attraction game

Secondly, it is important that you have run a tight game on the girl that you are trying to flirt with over text. As they say, first impression counts and unless you have made a good first impression on the girl when you first met, you will be fighting the elements when you start texting the girl. In fact weak game is responsible for the majority of cases where a girl doesn’t text back. In addition a structured and effective game will give you plenty of ammunition to use when texting a girl you like. For example, two of the most effective bullets for flirt texting are call back humour and cold reads and the foundation for these two are best set up on the first meet through your attraction game. If you don’t know how to run a tight game, there are various e books that are suitable for newbies and advanced seductionists alike. An excellent one that I recommend is makewomenwantyou by Jason Capital. You can grab hold of a copy here:

Use short texts when text flirting

Meet womenWhen text flirting with a girl, your text messages should be short, they should be fun and interesting, they must be flirty, they need to be charming and if you know how, make them seductive without being sexual. And whatever you do, avoid being logical texting girls. If ever you find yourself being logical while texting a girl you like, just stop and change the direction of the text conversation to something cute and funny. If you want to find cute or funny things to text a girl simply go on the internet and dig out the latest gossip about some celebrity. There is always gossip news on the internet about some celebrity or the other any time of the day and girls love this stuff. I have also included some examples of cute things to text a girl you like lower down this post.

The basics of flirting with a girl over text

The process of how to flirt over text with a girl is not just about learning funny things to text a girl or just finding cute things to text a girl. There are fundamental principles to bear in mind when you are trying to decide how to flirt with a girl over text you just met. The following are the major ones: 1. Always use pet names when texting girls. Try not to use anything offensive: Things like sweetie, cutie, sexy, gorgeous, adorable, etc. will do. 2. Try to use correct grammar when texting girls you just met. She doesn’t know you well enough to decide whether you are simply using abbreviations or just an illiterate who can’t spell properly. Make sure you can tell the difference between “your” and “you are”, “I’m” and “I am”, etc. This rule applies even more when you are being sexual. 3. You should always finish with your name if it is your first and even second text to a girl you just met. 4. Use lots of smiley faces when text flirting with a girl. This kind of makes up for the smile that you will normally have on your face when flirting with a girl in person. 5. Try to use rich descriptions when you flirt over text with a girl. Needless to say this should be kept as shot as possible. For example, if want to talk about what you’ve been up to make it sound interesting even if you are having the worse day possible. In response to a text from your girl asking How U R, you might say something like “Just came out of this bar with a friend of mine, there were two girls in there fighting and screaming at each other…you should have seen it! Then tease her with whatever she says in response. 6. Use word play as much as possible. This means to always use the subject of a girl’s text conversation with you to reply to her texts and use every available opportunity to tease her. Put simply whenever a girl sends you a text message that you can make fun and sexy, don’t hesitate to do so.

Text flirting made simple

74DDBBCD-ED83-45A6-072F-DF7ACED1EDB3_How-to-text-girls.jpgSo what are the mechanics of how to flirt with a girl over text without being obvious? Well I have found that the best way to learn anything is to organize the process into a structure. My structure in this instance is arranged along the lines of a standard pick up and seduction system with proper modification for text game. And it works like a charm! Once again for anyone who is lacking in structured game, it is essential to learn how to run normal game as this will equip you with the armory to gain unbelievable success with women and make your text game a much easier exercise; Pick up a copy of makewomenwantyou if you are lacking in this area. It is one of the best materials available to learn how to pick up women in any situation. Now, here are some examples of things you can say when considering how to flirt with a girl over text:

Flirty things to text girls

When you want to flirt with a girl over text, your opener should be able to differentiate you from other guys otherwise you will either get a weak response or none at all. Remember you are not the only guy competing for her attention, especially if the girl is more than average looking. You opener should be something that forces her to respond by being unique, ambiguous and fun. Things like “what’s up” and “how are you today” will not cut it. She’s heard those before (a thousand times) and they will come across as another boring text from another annoying guy. Make yourself stand out. Here are some examples:
* What king of trouble have you been causing since I last saw you?
* I hope you are smiling. If not, just think of…. (Insert you name here).
* Do you like…. (Insert the name of some scary movie, crazy song or weird cocktail)? * Have you ever been to…? (Insert the name of some crazy or interesting place)?
Banter lines
Flirting over text should be mostly short banter that for the most part teases the girl that you are trying to flirt with over text. Here are some that have being field tested to great effect:
* My mum definitely wouldn’t approve of this; then again I never listen to my mum.
* You remind me of my little sister, adorable but trouble
* Are you always like this?
* You are cool, do you practice this?

Cold reads
Cold reads are good for stirring up a girl’s emotions and getting her thinking about you long after your text conversation. Get them right and you are on a winner. Here are some common examples:
* There is something neat and tidy about you, I don’t know what it is but I’m curious to find out.
* You are a bit wary of letting people “in” but once you befriend someone you are a good friend to have…….
* You sound like you have a well-developed imagination…

Ambiguities do the same job as cold reads and mixing the two together in the correct way can bring awesome results.

Just say things like, “OMG, you know who you remind me of? No, never mind.” or “Hey, you’re like the girl from… no, I shouldn’t say that.”

This one is more of an advanced tactic that those who are familiar with pick up in its scientific form use to great effect. I have included it here so that anyone who already has the skill should be aware that this is also useable in text flirting.
*Are you fun?
*Are you spontaneous?
*Are us adventurous?

Use these at the appropriate times and spaces and you will never struggle with how to flirt over text with a girl again. Believe it or not, these are funny things to text a girl you like that will give you a massive advantage over the competition. And if you really want to master the art of text flirting, check out Magnetic Messaging by Bobby Rio. It is the definitive guide to how to use text messaging to get girls. Inside Magnetic messaging you will find a lot of detailed guide on things like when to text a girl, how to start texting a girl, what to say when texting a girl, funny texts to send to a girl, funny things to text a girl and much more.

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