When A Girl Doesn’t Text Back, What To Do

Just a few days ago I was listening to my local radio station and this guy was asking what to do when a girl doesn’t text back. The guy had asked a girl out over text message and the girl did not text him back. His questions where along the lines of: should I call the girl? Will it be best to text her once more? How long should I wait before sending another text message?


It seems that guys are always on a panic when a girl that they met recently doesn’t text back. They waste precious time trying to figure out why a girl that seemed to be into them 100% the night before just stopped texting back or worse still wouldn’t respond to their text message at all. In answer to this question I dug up this interesting video in the hope that it will help any guy out there trying to figure out why and what to do when a girl doesn’t text back.

Girl Doesn’t Text Me Back

“Website – http://datinglogic.net.”

When you watch the video above, you will notice that there are two main reasons why a girl doesn’t text back. One is that she was never into you in the first place and the other reason is that your texting style wasn’t tailored for seduction. Both of these situations can be avoided next time you meet a girl you like and want to take things further.  The first you can improve on by making sure that when you meet a girl you like, you have the skills to generate the amount of attraction that will make her want to see you again. The second problem can also be avoided next time by learning how to text a girl you just met at a bar, at the club or at a party and make her want you.


Texting girls is an art that can be used seduce women in a big way. Get to grips with how to text a girl for the first time and you will not be wondering why a girl doesn’t text back again. And the funny thing is that it is easy to learn and master how to text a girl you just met and make her want you. All that is required is the right information. For more details Check out this page:  Texting tips to keep a girl interested!

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