How To Ask A Girl Out Over Text

how to ask a girl out over text To a lot of guys, texting a girl with the express purpose of asking her out can be a very daunting experience. Sometimes they are just scared of rejection but for most part they simply don’t know how to ask a girl out over text.

In this post, we will be looking at a three part strategy that a guy can use to ask a girl out over text that will not only increase the chances of the girl saying yes but in certain situations compel her to do the asking.

1. Find out what the girl has planned for herself

The first thing to do when you want to ask a girl out over text message is to ask her about her plans for the coming week or so. This is where the vast majority of guys shoot themselves in the foot. They start off by saying something like…
“Hey girl, what are you doing Friday night? I would like to take you out to this lovely night club I know.”

The problem with this approach to ask a girl out over text or phone is that she can very easily say that she is busy that night or something similar and that will be the end of that line of conversation. If you decide there and then to try and propose some other day to take her out, you instantly lose a lot of value in her eyes because now it sounds like you are desperate to go on a date with her. Consequently, I will not count this as one of the best how to ask a girl out over text examples!

A better idea is to make her tell you the times when she will be available, then you pick the day and time. Whilst exchanging normal flirty texts simply say something like, “now then sunshine, what nights do you have free this coming week?”

2. Sell your own plans

Next step in how to ask a girl out over text and get a yes is to lay down your own plans. Just remember not to invite her yet to anything. All you need to do is to casually mention this marvellous place that you and your friends have been before that you plan to visit on a certain date and time. Describe this place in your most positive language. Ensure to make your plan coincide with one of the days and times that the girl happens to be free. This is a very important part of this exercise.

The vital part of this strategy is to sell it like a pro. And make the whole thing sound as exciting as possible. You need to make it seem so cool that she will be dying to go.

If you do this correctly the girl will most likely start by commenting on how cool the whole thing sounds. If she doesn’t, add more fuel by coming up with even more positive descriptions of the place until she comments on what a great place this sounds like.

3. Tell her she can come with you if she wants

The final step in this formula on how to ask a girl out over text is to ask the girl if she would like to come along but make sure that you don’t sound over enthusiastic about the idea of her coming along. Pretend as if this wonderful idea just occurred to you at that moment in time. This will make it seem spontaneous. Don’t forget that one of the characteristics that turn women on is spontaneity.

The great thing about this strategy is that because the girl has already shownhow to ask a girl out over text and get a yes interest by commenting on how great the activity sounds, she is more likely to view the invitation as her own idea and say yes. Sometimes if you do a good job in describing how good the place is, a girl will ask you if she can come along.

So for guys who are scared or don’t know how to ask a girl out over text, there it is, a fool proof method that is both low risk and high reward.

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