What Are The Best Ways To Ask Women Out

From time immemorial men have always debated over what exactly is the best way to get women to say yes to a date. The major advice tends to centre along the lines of talk to women like real people the first time that you see a woman that you like then walk away and only ask for their number the second time that you meet them. A different school of thought believe that the best way is to have confidence and go the cocky funny route, don’t act like you want them but be nice about it. Anyway here is a typical one of those debates. We will be presenting specific articles to discuss both angles in the very near future.

Best Ways to Ask Women Out – The Columbia Basin’s Rock Station

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How to Ask Women Out on a Date [VIDEO]. By Aj October 23, 2013 3:41 PM. Share on Facebook · Share on Twitter. We tease Iceman about his personal life. Every time he gets close to a girl he lands himself in the friend zone. A coworker and