How To Meet Women Online With Success

how to meet Women OnlineHere is a quick guide on how to meet women online, to boost response rates, to boost ACTUAL lays and the quality of women, from online.

The Do’s of Online Game:

1) Put in the numbers

Online game (Much like getting laid consistently and regularly) is a numbers game. Fuck anyone who thinks differently. If you have no problem putting in the numbers, and no problem dealing with fickle minded women, (think abundance, outcome independence and non-neediness.) then putting in the numbers is actually quite easy.
In terms of meeting women online, this means sending out the openers. Putting in the numbers, following up and cutting out any woman who will not play ball, which brings me to…

2) Be willing to cut her at the knees

This is doubly important online. Women online, will waste your fucking time! trust me. Online attracts a lot of attention whores. However these days I don’t come across these women. How come?
I set the idea to meet after the third message, and if she balks, or carries on with her blabble, I cut her out. Right there and then, and go message more women. I do not waste time on ”maybe” women, I’m not a hero, I don’t need to spend all my time ”convincing” women. Cutting out these attention whores will make online dating a lot more doable.

3) Don’t spend more than 40 bux on a Date

I usually spend $0, which is good. But you can pay for her drink, or her cup of coffee, just do not make a habit of it. We do not invest in women we haven’t had sex with yet. Never. Women make providers wait.

4) Always Be Esalating

If it means scheduling those dates, sending out those openers or getting to sex quick. Always be moving forward. Set up the dating logistics for sex. A Bar is a perfect location for a date, as they are quick sex dates. Even better at her place. Always be escalating. Build comfort with her, build a level of trust, and then sexual escalate.

5) Show a Non-Needy Frame

You do not need her, she will not be the answer to our prayers. She will never make you happy. Happiness is found internally not externally as we are programmed to believe. When you are messaging her, if she keeps playing you and giving you bullshit excuses, be willing to follow number 2) Be willing to cut her at the knees. Women who do not meet up quickly, and who do not provide a way to escalate on them, are women who are not interested in you or worse, attention whores. Do not waste time with these women by pursuing them. Always be non-needy. When you meet her for a first date, lean back, smile and ask her questions. When you are about to fuck her for the first time, and she shows resistance, lean back, smile and look her deep in the eyes, show her nothing affects you, after all you live in abundance and can fuck any woman you want. You are in demand, you are the PRIZE, remember?

6) Spot the Stealth Fatties

Online there is a fair amount of fat chicks. It’s one of the harsh realities of online. However, to avoid meeting one of these heafers, simply investigate her pictures. If you are not sure, and you have the feeling she’s hiding her fat, albeit a ”Stealth Fattie”. Just ask her for a full body picture. Chances are she will say no. Then you know she is a fatty and saved yourself time and effort all in one.

7) Your Main Profile Picture

Make sure your main profile picture conveys confidence, masculinity and mystery. You want all of your profile pictures to slightly contrast each other, but the main picture is super important. It’s the bit she sees when she browses. Make sure it’s a picture of you smiling and looking higher value, make sure it makes you seem ”nice” and not frowning or looking angry.

8) Meet Her in Person

Online dating websites are just tools in other to get her to meet you in person. You get her offline as soon as possible, that is the GOAL of online dating. From there you convert her to sex, and from there to a fuck buddy or a girlfriend. You do not blabble all day about yourself online, from the comfort of your computer, NO. Man up. Meet her.

9) Assume Every Woman Wants to Fuck You

When you send her an opener, you are giving her the opportunity to fuck an alpha. Every woman wants to fuck you in there own way. You only spend time on these women, the rest get kicked the fuck out.

10) Be Non-Reactive

If she replies to your initial opener, and greets you with ”Fuck off!” Do not let it get to you. She is baiting. She is a low life women with a lot of time on her hands to waste, not a woman you want to be meeting.
If you meet her on a date, and she doesn’t respond or flakes, NON-REACTION, you could give 2 fucks about her. She lost out on a big opportunity with you. Outcome Independence is gained by constantly being non-reactive and not giving a shit about losers. You are too busy having sex with other women.