How To Attract Women Without Saying ANYTHING

attract womenSo you like a girl but you’re too shy to make a move. In this post, I’ll give you tips on how to attract women without saying anything. These methods have been proven and tested and have been practiced since the Renaissance by some of the most skilful classical pick up artists. They are all both ingenious and some would say deceptive because it triggers our primal brain and works deep in the subconscious.

1. Triangle method to attract women.

Well this isn’t exactly not saying anything, you’d still have to talk but not to the girl you like. Find out if she has a friend, or someone she’s always with in class or at work.

When they’re together always approach that friend instead of her. If you can totally ghost her, do it, as if she doesn’t exist.
This will trigger her jealousy and the tendency is she will be attracted to you. So why does this work? People, especially women are attracted to men they can’t have. In this case, it becomes you. If you target her friend instead of her, you will make her feel a bit insecure and trigger jealousy. Plus, if her friend responds well to you, you will become more likable because of our next tip.

2. Branding to attract women.

This is called as such because in general we are more influenced by brands and products that are already established in the market. In attracting women, if you surround yourself with women, who are friends and acquaintances alike, other girls will instantly see you as a desirable partner.

3. Attract women with mirroring.

Our next tip isn’t about body language. Let me tell you, this can be one of the most powerful attraction tool in your arsenal. Especially nowadays that all our wants and fantasies are exposed on social media. Think of a girl you know and would like to attract. After this post I’d like you to go to her Instagram or Facebook. Observe if there’s a common underlying theme to her posts. For example, are her posts about travel pictures with quotations? Is it an insatiable desire to travel? Is it poetry? If its poetry and writing what’s it about? Romance? Nature? Perhaps Religion?

Usually what girls post nowadays are about travel. Even though they aren’t travelling it’s always about the dream of seeing the world. But underneath all that it’s about escapism. What I want you to do is mirror her posts. If it’s a movie quote that she’s posted, post another one from the same movie.

Make sure you tag her if you can. Now, this is where it gets really effective. If you’re both in the same class, I want you to talk about the things she’s posted online with a friend.

Make sure she can hear it within an earshot. If it’s a movie quote from let’s say, Dead Poets society, recite that iconic line in a nonchalant way. Suddenly she notices you and feels you can understand her deepest desires.

4. The salience method.

Our next method is just a fancy word for playing hard to get. Now, does it really work especially when it comes to attracting women?

It does actually, in one study, researchers found out that women are more attractive to men when they aren’t sure if the women are pretty or not. Women like decisive men but this is the only time where your indecisiveness make you ten times more attractive. Now how exactly does this happen? When the girl you like is certain that you don’t like her, well what do you know, she gives back the favor. When she knows you like her, you become a bit more desirable to her.

But when she knows you aren’t sure if you find her likable she becomes more attracted to you. Why? Because she then begins to think more of you. And when we think more of something, we begin to place more importance to it. Hence you become more desirable.

She’ll be like “why is he not sure if I’m attractive or not? Is there something wrong with me? If so, then what is it? If there isn’t, then why doesn’t he like me?” See where I’m going there?

Remember the first method? The triangle method? So I know what you’re thinking, how can I apply this? Simple, find a way where she would overhear you talking about how you see her as average.

5. Power of Red.

This tip borders fashion but I guarantee you it’s the simplest and maybe the only fashion tip you’ll ever need. Now this is the easiest yet one of the most effective tip to attracting women without literally saying a word. Red has been regarded as the most powerful color even in the animal kingdom. In one study, researchers found out that men become more desirable to women when they wear red.

Doesn’t have to be a red shirt, even a red tie or a red accent in your clothing could do the trick.

Red signifies power, so in attraction it connotes dominance.

6. Putting it all together.

You can’t just not really say anything.

All of what’s listed here, especially methods 1-4 are the preparation stage that helps you attract women. When you want a girl, you can’t just walk straight to her and confess. THAT’S A BIG MISTAKE. I’ve often heard guys saying “well at least now you know she’s not into you and you can move one” Well that’s because you screwed it up BIG TIME. Even if the girl is already interested in you, if you come in hard, she’ll feel defensive.

And what happens when a girl becomes defensive? Her logical brain steps in, and 99% of the time its function is to protect her from possible predators, well not like you, but she will think you are because you’re too forthcoming. AND most especially, there’s no mystery. The first four tips are all about building up mystery.

The only time you are allowed to be forthcoming is when you’ve already built up mystery and tension. When you’ve repeatedly done the first 3 steps and you kick it up a notch by making her know you’re not sure if you find her attractive, that’s when the tension is at its highest and that, that’s when you go in for the final blow.

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