How To Attract Women Tips

How to attract women tipsFrom the beginning of time men of all ages have been trying to figure out how to attract women. Even though it is not the most difficult thing in the world to learn most men will never understand how to attract women. This is the main reason why the few guys that do know how to attract women find it easy to get women. In this post we are going to address two of the most important elements in attracting women:

Important element number one in attracting women is body language.

Here is a post that outlines why it is important to have good body language and what to do in order to acquire the right body language that will help you attract women easily:

Body Language to Attract Women – Jeez!

How facial expressions, eye contact, body movements and various other factors in a Mans Body Language can attract Women. How women get attracted to particular males.

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The next essential element in attracting a woman is flirting.

The point of flirting with a woman is not just to get her attracted to you but also to let her know without spelling it out that you are attracted to her. It is like saying “I like you” without saying it directly. Here is Carlos Xuma with a video on how to flirt with a woman and how to attract women through flirting:

How To Flirt With Women

“There’s a secret for how to flirt with women that most guys don’t know about – and I’m going to reveal it here. You could call it a hidden ingredient for flirting with …”

That video seems to suggest that the best ways to flirt with a woman are;

  1. Compliments are OK but not on her looks or physical appearance
  2. Don’t just rely on words alone when flirting. The right Body language (as in the post above) is essential when flirting with a woman.
  3. Always be genuine and sincere. In other words do not hide your sexual interest in a woman.

To the above three points I might add, learn how to tease women. Teasing is a very good way to flirt with women if done correctly because it communicates to a woman that you are someone who knows how to have fun, someone who does not take himself too seriously all the time. Check out this page for some cool tips on how to tease and flirt with a woman you like.


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