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How to pick up girlsMost guys spend their life missing opportunities to pick up the kind of girls that they would like to spend time with on account of the fact that they lack the necessary skills of a pick up artist and don’t know how to pick up girls naturally. Similarly, there are a great many guys who fail to pick up girls that they will like to be with due to lack of confidence. They make excuses not to approach girls that they will like to meet and therefore continue to miss opportunities to pick up beautiful women on a regular basis.

Are you a guy who has no confidence? Do you miss opportunities to attract girls you are interested in because you don’t have the confidence or the know how to pick up girls? Do you assume that a girl will find you ugly or that she is going to be rude to you if you approach her? True, it can be tricky to convince a girl that you don’t know to like you on first approach. But not if you know the proper way to pick up girls. There are a few things that any man can learn about how to pick girls you like that will make it easy for him to attract girls on first approach. There are guys who know the best way to pick up girls. To these guys the question of how to attract girls is something that they never ask themselves because they have mastered it. Any man can be in that situation, including you. All you have to do is to discover how to attract girls, the best way to pick up girls, then learn and master the techniques. This article is designed to help you learn how to pick up girls!

What’s the best way pick up girls?

Here is a video that hits the spot when it comes what to do the minute you see a girl that you will like to meet:

You may wonder if it is easy to learn how to pick up girls? If you want to study how to become a pick up artist or at least acquire the skills of a pick up artist, the answer is a huge yes! If you have never tried to pick up girls before, don’t worry there are enough information on this blog for a complete newbie to get good at attracting girls. There are many ways you can pick up girls. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete novice at approaching girls or you you’ve tried but still don’t know how to attract girls that appeal to you. Anyone can learn how to pick up girls if you acquire the proper pick up artist techniques that goes with your personality. There are so many easy ways to attract girls it is unbelievable.

A lot of guys are of the opinions that women can only be found at bars and clubs. Forget that! This is not true at all. Women can be found in all kinds of places. Never get trapped into assuming that girls can only be picked up from bars, clubs and parties. The girl you desire can be found anywhere including: bookstores, school or college classes, shopping centres, supermarkets and so on. All you need to do is to always be ready to grab opportunities to pick up girls whenever they become available.

How to pick up girls – The initial encounter

The first step in how to pick up girls is the initial encounter or the approach as it is known by regular pick up artists. This is very important because the girl you are trying to pick up don’t know you yet and as such has nothing to lose by ignoring you if your approach turns out to be a lame duck. There are many ways to do this and you can find excellent examples in any one of the pick up artist books that I recommend as we go along in this post. For the purposes of this article, I am going to employ the “plant and stare” technique which is very effective in any situation where you are stationary.

What some pick up artists call the ‘plant’ and ‘stare’ technique can be a good way to start the initial approach. However, be careful not to look like a creep or a stalker with this one. You do not want to scare the girl away from you. For that reason make sure that you have a friendly smile on you face while doing this one. The idea is to get the girl to notice you and get curious about you. Once you know that the girl has seen you, and you see her looking back at you, wink at her or give her thumbs up or do what ever you need to do to illicit a positive reaction from her such as a smile back or thumbs up.

How to pick up girls – the opener.

As soon as you get a positive reaction, approach the girl and open. In pick up and seduction, to open means to start a conversation. And you can do that by just saying hi or hello in a lively and up beat fashion. You can also use something as direct as “I just saw you standing here and I just had to come and say hello”. If she replies back, start talking. You can start conversation with a girl in any number of ways including commenting about the place you are in, introducing your self, and even a mild compliment.

Watch this video and you will see some good examples of how to pick up girls using an opener:

How to pick up girls – Make her curious about you.

After the opener the next step is to get the conversation rolling in such a way that the girl becomes curious about you and what you have to say. You have to make sure that the topic of conversation is not boring. Stay clear of dynamite subjects like religion, politics and race. It sometimes helps to begin with a topic that has nothing to do with either of you. It doesn’t have to be difficult. Good examples of things to kick off an encounter with a girl you just met are storey telling, picking up something or even people around you and commenting on them. A good pick up artist tip is to carry ready made stories with you at all times that you think will make a girl that you are interested in attracted to you.

If you try this approach when you talk to a girl you like, there is every chance that you will have a fun and a decent conversation. If you want to get more detailed information on how to attract a girl you just met, check out makewomenwantyou by Jason Capital. It is a well written pick up artist book with lots of great information on how to pick up girls that you are attracted to.

In the meantime, here is a slightly advanced video on how make any conversation exiting enough for a girl to stay and hear you out:

How to pick up girls – Be creative

Uniqueness is a great thing to have if you want to master how to pick up girls. If you want to talk to a stunning looking woman, it is highly likely that other guys have already told her how beautiful she is – several times today. Forget the idea of complimenting her for her looks. Whilst she may enjoy it, it won’t necessarily make her interested in you. Instead, compliment her on what she is wearing. Perhaps, on her shoes, purse or clothing. Girls spend a lot of their spare time shopping and making themselves look more attractive. If you compliment a girl on those things that she has invested a lot of time and energy in, she is more likely to appreciate it more than complimenting her on something that she has not spent a minute to cultivate. This will make your conversation with her unique. Always remember that being unique is one of the best ways to pick up girls.

How to pick up girls – Don’t be an interrogator

If you ask the average person what’s the best way to pick up girls, they will likely tell you to be yourself. While this is true to a certain extent, it does not mean that you should be your worst self. It means to be your best self which in turn means to develop the best personality that will allow you to attract girls by being interesting and fun. For that reason, stay away from interview style questions. They are boring and not fun for the girls to answer. Instead, be observant, if the girl that you are trying to pick up is a good talker, then relax, listen to what she has to say and make constructive comments. Take a look at the Scrambler for some great examples of how to talk to a girl you just met. You can check out The Scrambler here!

How to pick up girls – Close as soon as possible.

Notice that the first parts of this article on how to pick up girls does not have any long stories to it. That is because effective pick up does not need long and protracted conversation when you meet a girl for the first time. Why? Because the longer you hang around, the more likely you are to say something that the girl will not like and in the process ruin a perfect pick up. This is more so for those who are not yet developed in the art of attracting girls. So, unless you are a seasoned pick up artist, the best advice is to run a short game, get the girl’s information (phone number, email address) then leave. You can then arrange for a pre planned time with a well prepared game plan that will lead you to something fruitful. You can even run a text game first to solidify the encounter before you meet up with the girl again. A good way to do this is after talking for a few minutes, say something like “I need to find my friends but you seem like a cool person…I’d like to see you again. Give me your phone number / email address so that I can call you later and we can continue this conversation”. Most times, if the girl is single and she likes you she will give you the requested information.

Attracting girls is not nuclear physics and is easy to master. All that needs to be done is to get hold of the right information, study and practice what it contains until you become good at it. There are several good materials out there in the open. One that I particularly like and that can be useful for both newbie and advanced guys looking to learn more about how to pick up girls is Language of Lust.

You can check it out here!