How To Attract Women Effortlessly

Matt: Many guys are completely lost when it comes to attracting women. Not too long ago, I was that guy myself. Although after everything I’ve learned about women, and how much my life has changed as a result, it seems like another lifetime And this is good news for you because if I was able to learn how to attract women as needy and insecure as I was back then, then you can learn how to.

My name is Matt Artisan from The Attractive Man and I’m gonna show you how to attract women effortlessly. Matt: Now, I’m gonna start off by giving you a conceptual overview of how to attract gorgeous women into your life using energy polarity. And then, I’ll get more concrete giving you three practical tips that you can use right away to become more attractive.

And it’s important that you understand the first part in order to build context for the three actionable tips later on. Alright, let’s dive in! Did you ever play with magnets as a kid? If you did, then you’re probably familiar with the concept of polarity attraction. Magnets have two poles, right? A positive and a negative.

If you put two of the same poles together, they repel each other. But if you put two opposite poles together, a positive and a negative, they attract each other. The same concept applies to attracting women. Like magnets, humans have polarities masculine and feminine. Unfortunately, masculine traits such as aggression, assertiveness, and dominance are often demonized by our society.

This, and a few other contributing factors leads to a culture of wimpy, and effeminate men who, according to the law of energy, polarity can only attract masculine dominant women. Not the alluring, more feminine women that you probably desire. Much of attracting the women that you actually want in your life comes down to embracing and deepening this masculine polarity that is your birthright.

Now, this can be a daunting task because it takes a lot of retraining your behavior in your belief system. However, once you’re rooted in the solid foundation of your masculine energy, not only will you feel amazing but gorgeous women will flock to you because they want to bask in the presence of your masculine energy with almost no effort on your part.

In fact, all the techniques in the world can’t replace the effortless attraction that being rooted in your masculine polarity provides. So, what are these masculine traits that women find so attractive? And how can you go about developing them? Well, to understand the answers to these questions, it helps to step into the shoes of the woman you want.

While men are primarily focused on physical attraction when it comes to dating, at least, initially, women are a lot more physically fragile than men and largely depend on the physical and psychological strength of a man for protecting her. Not only do their instincts look for protection, they also seek provision, giving women an ingrained desire to be around men with high social status.

Men with higher status have more access to resources such as food, shelter, and allies. And can, therefore, better ensure her survival and that of her offspring. If you’re thinking this all sounds kinda caveman-esque, well, you’re right. These traits have been hardwired into the female psyche over hundreds of generations of female evolution and you’re not gonna change it.

So the best thing you can do is develop the masculine polarity traits that will trigger a woman’s deeply ingrained evolutionary bias to get a better understanding of what type of behavior masculine polarity traits would include. Think about the way Conor McGregor handles himself during MMA press conferences and matches.

He comes across as assertive, strong-willed, and even aggressive when needed. He’s not timid and doesn’t shy away from calling people on their shit. You get the feeling watching him that he’s confident in his ability to handle himself against all opponents. And probably wouldn’t hesitate to throw a punch if the situation called for it.

Now, obviously, if you want to attract a girl, the last thing you want to do is get in a fistfight. However, when you’re able to project a sense of dominance and grounded confidence that comes willed from being able to stand up for yourself in all scenarios, women can’t help but take notice of you.

So, now we know that the shortcut for attracting women is developing high status masculine polarity traits. And now, we kind of have an idea of what that looks like in a man but just knowing that information is not enough in order to develop attractive traits. You need to practice these behaviors until they become ingrained into who you are.

That means creating specific measurable goals just like you would in any other area of your life or a skill set. Do this with the following masculine traits and I guarantee you, you’ll have more gorgeous women in your life than you ever imagined! Now, let me give you my top three masculine high status traits.

#3 is High-Status Body Language. When you’ve developed the masculine polarity traits, you’ll naturally find yourself expressing those traits through your words and your body language.

Indicating your high status automatically. Conveniently, it also works the other way around. Using high status body language causes you to feel a sense of confidence, dominance, masculine presence and higher status within yourself. Remember that your psychology influences your physiology and your physiology influences your psychology.

Here’s some high status body language keys to keep in mind. You gotta have solid eye contact because high status men do not shy away from eye contact. When you meet a woman’s gaze do so with calm grounded laser-like eye contact. You don’t want it to feel creepy or intense. Rather, you want it to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Have deliberate movements, avoid fidgeting, jerking or sudden movements as those indicate emotional distress associated with low status. Instead, make slow deliberate movements that project an air of calm, confidence. And finally, being non-reactive in a social interaction. The high-status individual is the one that others are reacting to, not the other way around.

So avoid physically reacting to other people. Now, that doesn’t mean you ignore them, it just means you take your time to deliberately respond to them on your terms. For example, last night I was writing my book, which is one of my biggest goals and missions right now is to finish this book. And my girlfriend came in trying to get my attention but I’m so focused in the zone.

You know, I had to get my, you know, the rest of my thoughts out before I turned and responded to her. In any and all interactions throughout your day, begin to notice your body language. Is it high status and dominant? Or is it low status and submissive? And of course make those adjustments accordingly.

#2 is become a leader. And this has two parts to it — number one is become a leader of self. It means you’re living life deliberately based on your terms and your values. Most people actually live a life that other people wanted for them and they’re living somebody else’s values. Often times, their parents.

In fact, I did that for a long time when I went to college and studied computer science. It was only because that’s what my parents told me to do and it’s what they told me to study. And then after college, get a nine-to-five job, which I did. And I wasn’t really happy. It wasn’t until I started this career and helping guys, you know, overcome fear and anxiety, that’s when I started really becoming happy.

And then, I almost gave it all up again to live somebody else’s values when about six years ago, my fiancee at the time, wanted us to move back to North Carolina, where I was originally from, I went to high school. And live closer to my family and worked for my family business and eventually become, you know, really high-up in the business or maybe even the owner.

And it’s a great business. It’s huge. I would be making a ton of money, have a really safe job because, you know, my family is probably not gonna fire me unless I do somebody something horrible. And have this gorgeous, you know, girlfriend who loved me very much. But I realized, it’s not what I wanted.

It wasn’t my values. It was somebody else’s values, her values and I had to make a decision. Do I want this life or not? And I ended up giving it all up. I ended up breaking up with my fiancee and saying “no” to that job and moving out of the country. And I’ve never lived back in the US since then.

And that was definitely one of the most important, hardest and best decision that I ever made. You only have one life so you got to live the life that you want. So what are your highest values? What are the things that are most important to you? And are you doing those things? If not, it might be time for a change and start living like deliberately on your terms with a clear, purpose.

And, second is leader of others. Men that are leaders are incredibly attractive to women because the fact that others are willing to follow your lead indicates your high status. And it makes it a lot easier for you to meet and attract women. Becoming the leader of your social circle is actually pretty simple, it’s just a little bit more effort than the average Joe is willing to put in.

Start planning events that are centered around your interest and just invite others to attend. This can be huge, epic parties or it can be just a small get-together. It doesn’t really matter, what’s important is that you lead your social circle in a way that makes people feel good about following your plan.

And #1 is Calm Under Tension. A masculine, high-status man does not break under pressure. Think of the hero of pretty much any action movie where he kills the bad guy and gets the girl at the end. He’s usually very masculine and he’s not freaking out despite all the danger that’s happening, right.

Who’s the one that’s freaking out? It’s the other characters and they usually die but not the hero. He remains calm and he takes control of the situation. The same kind of idea applies for women. Just approaching a woman is an intense situation, right. When you feel calm and grounded in that tension of that interaction, trust me, she will notice and become attracted to you.

Because just like the action hero, she can feel that you can handle tense situations and protect her if shit hits the fan. She might even say or do something just to test to see if you really are as cool as you seem. Or if it’s just a, you know, facade. Brittany: You know, where did you get those shoes? And just like in the movies, the attractive hero doesn’t get emotional when the woman objects to him or even insults him.

He’s strong, unaffected. Like a rock, he never crumbles. Girl: Look senior, maybe in a different life. Man: What offended you about the offer? Man: Surely not that I find you both beautiful. Become as attractive as possible, we want to develop high-status masculine traits while systematically rooting out all traces of low-status behavior.

The way to do this is the repeated trial and error. That is, going out and approaching women and making incremental improvements. There will be failure, there will be rejection. Matt: Excuse me, real quick. One second. Wait! Matt: Rejected. In fact, if you’re not failing, then you’re not pushing yourself nearly hard enough.

Failures often represent a weakness in your game or in your skill. The faster that you can fail and improve, the faster you can live the life that you want. And then, you’ll look back and you’ll you’ll think your past self for putting it all that effort that’s required for greatness.

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