What To Talk To Your Crush About – Be a Good communicator

what to talk to your crush aboutHave you ever wondered what to talk to your crush about? If you are, then this article will teach you a few things. Talking to a crush is one of the most difficult things to do because most people feel awkward and uncomfortable around them. Talking to someone that you like can be one of the most fun things to do. However, many people find themselves at a loss when it comes to talking to their crush. Fortunately, there are several tips that can help you come up with interesting things to say to your crush and keep your conversation interesting.

The first tip that you need to know about when it comes to what to talk to your crush about is that you need to be yourself. This might seem obvious, but you would be surprised at how many people try to sound like an “immature” teenager when they really are just trying to sound like a person that everyone likes. Therefore, you need to be confident and have a positive attitude when you are talking to your crush. This is just as true in person as it is online. You don’t want to act like you don’t care because that will not result in a good conversation. Be yourself and let the conversation flow naturally.

Another thing to remember is that you do not always have to have answers for everything that your crush asks. When it comes to what to talk to your crush about, sometimes you do not need to put forward an opinion or some kind of answer. Sometimes you can simply ask them a question that sparks a good conversation. For example, if your crush likes sports, you could ask them what they think about a certain player or team. Most people will be happy to tell you something interesting, but if they are not interested in sports then that is no problem as well.

Remember to never use the “I” when you are talking to your crush. Yes, you need to be able to be humorous when you are chatting with her, but do not say something like “I like this part in the movie” or anything like that. Believe it or not, this can actually get you in trouble. If you use the word “I” when you are talking to your crush, he or she may get the idea that you think he or she is stupid or not good enough for her. Instead of saying I like what I see, use what you think, what’s important, or anything else that will make it easier for you to get your point across.

A very good tactic when you are wondering what to talk to your crush about is to discover new things about them. Take time to hear some of their personal stories, things that they’ve been through things that they like. The more you can learn about them. The easier it’s going to be for you to find where the two of you are actually compatible and part of that compatibility is not just spending the entire time listening to them. You’re also going to want to share personal stories about yourself. The more you can teach them about who you are, the more they’re going to also start to feel like you’re someone that they can open up to, someone that they can trust, someone that they want to share things with.

There are so many TV shows and video games and musicians and people and experiences that we have had that have really kind of informed and shaped our opinions about things. So if you’re afraid that you don’t really have a lot in common with your crush, understand the values behind, why they care about something and see how those values align with yours, for example, let’s say your crush – tells you that their most favorite TV show ever is Friends now you may really have no interest at all in watching Friends, but if you can really understand why that shows important to your crush, ask your crush questions like who’s the character you most identify with? What’s the plot and storyline of the show? and why do you like it so much?

The more information you get, the more you can understand their values. If your crush says things like well, I feel like this character is sweet and kind, but doesn’t let anyone take advantage of them or I feel like this plot in the show really resonates with something I went through in my life. Those are things that you can now resonate with, even if you’ve never even seen the show, you may identify with a character from something that really reflects your character. So understand their values and where the two of you can overlap.

If you’re super worried about not having anything in common with your crush, you need to stop overthinking it. Yes, you may not have the same obvious hobbies and interests, but if you go back to the basics and ask more open-ended questions, you may discover that the two of you have more in common than you actually think.

Maybe you’re both in the same grade and you have to deal with the same types of stressful classes, or maybe you both have annoying family members and siblings, that just get all up in your business and don’t really give you your own privacy, either way going back to those basic questions where you can just learn about them as a person and their life is going to allow you to see what you actually have in common that may not be so obvious.