How To Pick Up Girls In clubs

how to pick up girls in clubsDoes it take a genius to comprehend how to pick up girls in clubs? Fortunately, no. Sure, it might take a lot of balls and there’s a slight chance of ego-shattering rejection. But, it’s like what they say: There’s no such thing as ready – only willing. No one likes getting rejected, but it should be a risk you’re willing to take. Just think of it this way – even the most attractive guys strike out more times than they hit home runs.

So the first question is, why pick up in clubs? Here is a video from the great Tyler with some great insight on club game:

Now that we’ve looked at some introduction into club game, let’s give you a few tips on how to pick up girls in clubs. Is there actually a single best way to pick up girls in clubs? Not necessarily. However this post will give any novice a blue print that if followed correctly will lead to understanding how to pick up a girl at a bar or night club with ease. With that said, here are the basic steps to pick up a girl at a club:

1. Show Confidence when approaching girls in a night club.

You see this girl in a bar and she’s giving you all the right looks. How do you walk up to her and get her number? Definitely not with sweat dripping down your forehead! You might be inexperienced at this game, but keep in mind that she doesn’t have to know. Confidence is a big turn on. It doesn’t only show strength on your part, but willingness. Thus, the first step in understanding how to get girls in clubs is to learn to be confident in yourself and your abilities.

2. In order to pick up girls in a night club easily you need a game plan.

Have a game plan beforehand so you know what to say when you approach a girl in a club with the intention to pick her up. Think of a few icebreakers or openers to help you start an interaction with a girl you pan to pick up in a night club. A good friend of mine uses “what’s’ up” or if she is holding a drink he will say “what’s that you are drinking?” and whatever she say he will just tease lightly to make her laugh. If the girl laughs, smiles or shies, that’s a sign that you are in (but not all the time).

3. You need to make the girl curious about you.

After the opener you need a plan to convince the girl to stay and find out about you. This is what they call the pick up game attracting a girl. This is how it how to pick up girls at a clubworks: when you approach a girl you’ve never met before in a night club, the girl doesn’t know you. In addition there are a million other things vying for her attention. Think other guys, her friends, the activities in the club etc. Why should she stay and talk to you? The answer is easy. Show her that you are more fun than the other guys and all the other things going on in the club. How do you do that? With you actions, your words and a combination of both. It is essential that you know how to talk to girls in clubs. Whatever you do, just make sure that it is fun for her or that it makes her curious to find out more about you. Preferably both. Specific examples are funny stories, cold reading, using gimmicks like palm reading (if you know how), animated gestures as you speak etc. In particular, know how to flirt with girls. What ever you do at this stage of your interaction with a girl you just met in a club, make sure it elicits an emotion otherwise the girl will walk away to find something interesting. You can learn how to talk to girls in clubs easily. There are a couple of good pdf that you can get your hands on that will teach the best ways to talk to girls in clubs. In fact you can find one here!

4. Rejection is a big part of how to get girls in clubs

If you plan to get girls in clubs, you have to learn how to handle rejection. If you get rejected on first approach, don’t sweat it. Rejection is part of the game of pick up, more so in a night club where you will have girls reject you just to validate themselves. However, one of the advantages of trying to pick up girls in a club is the fact that there is a concentration of a large number of girls available for you to approach. Exploit this numbers to your advantage by approaching as many girls as possible and collect as many phone numbers as you possibly can for a follow up at a later date. Mystery, the world best pick up artist advices that guys should approach between eight and twelve girls in a single night run (assuming of course that you have picked a target rich club).

5. What to do when a girl responds to your approach


how to pick up women at a barShe responded! To keep the conversation going where you want to, build rapport first. If you dive into deep right away, she might think you’re a creep or a weirdo. Before asking more personal questions or getting serious, start with small talk. But again, don’t overdo it or she might get bored. Once you break the ice, she will open up to you.

Body language is important. There are different ways to pick up a girl in a night club, but more than what you say, your body language is vital. Body language refers to your tonality or tone of vice, the way you stand as in stand up straight, chest slightly in front, shoulders back and eye contact. There a detailed post on this blog on body language. Check it out if you need to familiarise your self with proper body language that gets you attracted to women.

Don’t approach a girl with the intention of sleeping with her. This will reduce the pressure on you. Always approach women with the intention of having a good time and just socialising. This will increase your chances of making a conversation with a girl in an attractive way. Talk to her, and don’t just babble. Find things you have in common – similar tastes in music or movies, common interests or friends, etc. Get creative. Keep in mind that people are attracted to those who are like themselves.

6. Close the deal as soon as you can.

One of the biggest mistakes that guys make when trying to pick up a girl in a club is that they forget their main objective, which is picking up a woman at ahow to talk to girls in clubs bar. Whenever some guys meet a receptive woman they get into a chatty mode and start talking about things that will not help them in their attempt to pick up a woman at a bar. Unless you think that you have the opportunity of a one night stand, always make sure that you get the girls information as soon as is possible. That way, you can move on to get more girls contact info to follow up during the coming week. The best way to pick up girls in clubs is to treat it as a numbers game. And that is what it is!

As an end note, keep in mind that there are many ways to pick up girls in clubs. The general set up is always the same for an efficient night club game. i.e see a girl you like, approach, open, attract, gain trust, then close. However when it comes to specifics, each guy has his own special move/s, and each girl has her own way of responding to it. But if you want to stay in the game, keep a roster of your own creative ways to pick up girls in clubs. Those unique and creative ways most often do the trick.