How To Conquer Fear Of Approaching Women

Approach anxietyFear of approaching or as the pick up artists may call it approach anxiety must be the number one factor why many guys find it difficult to get girls. If you are scared to approach girls, there is no way that you will have the ability to attract women. In this article, we will tell you how you will be able to cure approach anxiety once and for all and become confident when it comes to focus on how to pick up women.

The biggest reason why guys experience approach anxiety is the fact that they are concerned about what the outcome of their interaction with a woman will be. They worry about rejection and they put too much value on being accepted or rejected by a girl they have only just met. The simple truth is that there are plenty of girls in the universe and being turned down by one shouldn’t mean a great deal.

It does not necessarily mean that you are inadequate and it does not even indicate that she did not like you. Do you know that some girls are going to say no to a guy out of an auto-pilot response? Gorgeous females usually are so used to being approached by losers on an everyday basis that they normally presume that you are one of these guys.

The frame of mind one has when you approach a woman is rather crucial. You must have a playful mind-set and concentrate on having fun rather than getting a girl into bed. You should be more focused on ways to attract a woman instead of how wonderful she is. If you have a playful mentality and your goal is to have fun, all of your approaches should be less difficult and you will be contented as long as you had fun with the interaction.

Truth be said, overcoming approach anxiety takes time and the only solution to seriously take care of it is to get rejected so many times that you simply end up being numb to it. That is the only effective strategy to eliminate approach anxiety I know. I understand this may seem intense, however that is the way it is. The more times you get turned down, the less you are going to feel bad about it. If you have lived through it before, you will survive it all once more. The biggest challenge with men is that they fantasize and idolise the females that they are about to approach long before they go up to her. They build excessive expectancy and psyche themselves into never going up to the girl they really want and in the process never go past their comfort zone. Check out THE RAMBLER if you want help with approaching a woman.

When approaching a woman you have to have no other expectation other than the fact that you are going to have fun. Second, you must never ever attribute a lot of importance to a woman by virtue of the girl’s physical appearance. Physiological beauty doesn’t make a woman any better or worse than you deserve. You have to be confident in your own value and the wonderful experience that you can offer any girl that is worthy of your presence.

You also must realize that nothing terrible will occur when you approach a girl, even if it doesn’t go the way you want it to. The worst thing that could occur is that the girl behaves obnoxious or merely ignores you. Either way, you should survive. Even if a girl does not like you, she will usually be polite about it. So don’t make up major horrible scenes in your head about the terrible things that can happen when you approach a girl. More often than not, the end result will be much better than you envisioned.

Eliminating approach anxiety is the most critical issue you will want to master if you wish to become good at attracting women. To meet women, you’ll need to be active and practice your approaches till you become as perfect as you want to be. However remember that being rejected by a girl is not the end of the world. Look at it as an opportunity to educate yourself. When you manage to dispose of the emotional turbulence associated with being rejected, you will come to be more at ease approaching girls.