How to text a girlNowadays, you have to know how to text a girl you like if you want to truly classify yourself as a seducer. This is because texting a girl has become the popular way of communicating for fellas who aspire to seduce girls. Unfortunately not many men know enough about the power of flirt texting in the modern world to learn how to text girls properly. When a bloke understands how to text a girl you like, he could transition from meeting a girl for the first time to getting together at a later date to continue their interaction without any difficulties. However, a single miss of the right steps will surely be the ending of that effort to seduce. Because texting is now considered an integral part of seducing women, a guy’s inability to understand how to flirt with a girl over text can end an attempt to get a particular girl well before the first date. For this reason, if you don’t already know how to text a girl you like, be sure to check out the specific posts on this site that show exactly how to do that.

Ever wondered why a girl doesn’t text back anymore even though when you met at a club two days ago you two could not get enough of each other? In fact you even had a bout of flirt texting yesterday and to your knowledge that went super fine. What went wrong? Well, we’ve all been there and I know your pain and confusion. However, I can tell you that it is probably your knowledge of how to start a text conversation with a girl that killed off the romance well before it blossomed into a proper love story.

There are a number of misinterpretations that could happen in text messages. If a guy does not fully understand how to texts girls and sends a girl a misguided text message, she will delete his contact info without too much thought. Once a girl erases a phone number, she does not generally give the guy a second opportunity. There are many text messages that can make her tap the trash can on her phone. Hence in addition to knowing how to text a girl you like, it is equally important to learn what to text a girl that you like and what to avoid. That said when you know what to text a girl, it will make life a lot less complicated in your mission to seduce girls with flirt text messages.

If you are not getting good results through texting women you fancy, it is possibly due to the fact that you are ignoring most of the key principles of how to text girls you just met. It is therefore essential to understand fully how to start a text conversation with a girl you like in order to make text flirting work for you the way you want otherwise you will spend forever wondering why a girl doesn’t text back.

In this post we are going to underline the key principles of how to start a text conversation with a girl you like and why it is so crucial that you follow these guidelines. These guides may appear counter intuitive and perhaps even outrageous, nevertheless, if you should implement every one of these concepts to the letter when texting girls you just met, you are going to get more women than you panned for.

Here are the essential guidelines of how to text a girl you just met:

1. Wait for a response to your last Text before sending her another one

This is quite possibly the most frequently overlooked concept of how to text a girl you like. The average situation goes like this: Guy sends a girl he met last night in a club a text message. A couple of moments pass by guy doesn’t receive a reply. What does the guy do next? He gets uncomfortable, thinks he has lost the girl and in desperation sends another text. The girl who had been in the bath all this time gets out and notices that her cell phone has been jammed with texts from a fella she has only met just once. Woman wonders what she has let herself into and erases the texts as well as the guy’s number from her mobile phone. The guy ends up wondering why this girl doesn’t text back.

Your really don’t want to be this guy under any circumstances. Hence avoid the same mistake on texting a girl that this guy has just made and learn how to text girls you just met. When you make the same mistake as this guy did you give a girl the upper hand, reducing your value in her eyes, and making yourself seem obsessive and desperate. This is usually what happened when a girl doesn’t text back in response to your text messages.

2. Always use the same amount of time that it takes a girl to reply to your texts

Another important rule of how to text a girl you like is to make sure you generally aim to equal or exceed a woman’s answer time to your text messages. Say she responds to your text in about 10 minutes, you should wait about a similar amount of time or a good deal more before you send her a reply. This is another important but overlooked rule of how to start a text conversation with a girl you just met.

If a girl you just met takes 15 – 20 minutes to answer each one of your texts, and you reply to her texts as soon as you receive them, you are breaking a major rule of texting girls. This can lead to a situation where the girl doesn’t text back due to loss of value. It is going to make you look like a needy man who has nothing better to do than hang about waiting for her to send you a text.

3. Sexually charged text conversations should be used sparingly.

Anyone who knows how to flirt with a girl over text will tell you that with girls you just met, sex talk should not be allowed to get to a point where the girl gets too hot. This is because rarely will a hot text chat with a girl turn into full-blown sex. Yes, the girl might be a little aroused. Nonetheless she doesn’t know you well enough and as such buyers’ remorse may kick in later on resulting in a situation where the girl doesn’t text you back. Hence you want to be careful about what to text a girl you like who is not quite into you yet. What to do when you notice that the text conversation is getting steamy is to change the subject to something more neutral. And then, a little further on, you can go back and introduce the sex chat once again from a different direction. If you need precise details on what to text a girl you have only just met check out the webpage here: The best guide to text and phone game!

4. When texting girls always finish the text conversation before they do.

This is another essential rule on how to text girls you like. At some point, your text flirting with a woman has to finish. And when that happens, you should always make it a point not to be the one who sent the last text in that particular session. That way she’ll have to say the last word. This might sound a little idiotic, even so it is actually a very effective technique to develop attraction. When you manage to get the girl to send the ending text message, it leaves a loop in her thought process. She is going to find herself wondering if you will text her again, or possibly if you are somewhat upset at her due to something she might have said. Make sure though, that you do this in a way that makes it subtle and gentlemanly. The last thing you want would be to make yourself look like an asshole in the woman’s mind. You can find information about the best ways to do this properly in any good guide on what to text a girl you like. Magnetic messaging has tons of good examples on what to text a girl you just met and on the wider subject of how to text a girl you like.

The point is that a girl will be more fascinated and curious about you if don’t come off as needy. The more she thinks about you, the more she will feel fascinated by you. That’s simply how the human mind functions. Texting girls is a very powerful medium of seduction and any man who wants to improve their ability to attract women must learn how to text a girl you like the proper way.

All these 4 guidelines of how to start a text conversation with a girl you like when combined with good knowledge of what to text a girl you just met can be extremely powerful in getting good result with text flirting.

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